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We receive numerous messages from the public about the ways in which our Troopers have a positive impact – in sometimes big ways and other times small ways – on individuals and the community as a whole. We are grateful for the people who take the time to message us and let us know how our Troopers are upholding our values of integrity, professionalism, service, knowledge, teamwork, and courage.

Each month we will feature snapshots of some of the feedback we receive.

July 2020

Image shows a Trooper standing at a passenger side window giving a thumbs up while a young girl seated in the back seat smiles and holds up a junior trooper badge. Text reads "This simple gesture of human connection goes a long way in bridging hurt and divide. "

Image shows a still from a trooper's body cam and he is reaching his arm over a fence and holding onto a person's hand, pulling him back over the fence. And text reads I tip my hat to all the officer's involved.

Image shows a UHP badge and text reads "We think you are heroes; not just during a time of a global pandemic, and of not so peaceful protesting and unrest, but all the time."

Image shows a close up of a flat tire on a car and text reads "He is certainly a credit to your whole outfit."

Image shows Trooper Gardner replacing a tire and text reads "He took the time to help me out. Nicest guy ever."

Image shows a close up of a printer in a  UHP car printing a citation and text reads "His amazing character moved me to write about my experience & how much I appreciated his extremely kind demeanor. "

Image shows a close up of blurred police car lights and text reads "They were really quick, helpful and beyond the call of duty"

Image shows a close up of a person buckling their seat belt and the text reads "I'm profoundly grateful to the Utah Highway Patrol for every effort on your part to save lives."

Image shows a close up of a UHP Troopers hat and the text reads "I know these troopers have great souls and hope they stay safe"

Image shows a close up of a UHP in car printer printing a ticket and text reads "He was so kind yet firm while giving me a warning"

Image shows a car with an orange emergency triangle on the ground next to it and text reads "What could have been a very worrisome and frightening situation was turned into a shining example of kindness and help for someone in need." Image shows a flat tire and text reads These two really were protecting and serving me and the community

Image shows a UHP vehicle that has pulled a car over to the side of the road and the text reads "You're so valuable on our roads and freeways."

Image shows a screen cap from a YouTube Video showing a UHP slow down - it's a GoPro capture from the front of a UHP vehicle that shows traffic driving on the 15 in Davis County and the text reads "He risked his life to slow down traffic and keep someone safe."

June 2020

Image shows the UHP Beehive animated and the text reads I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know know how much you are loved, prayed for, and respected. Image shows a UHP hat in the foreground blurry with a UHP badge on a table in front of it in focus and the text reads I appreciate his kindness.

Image shows a close up of a printer inside a UHP vehicle printing a citation and text reads "Please thank him because he could have ruined my day but he didn't."

Image shows still from dash cam of Trooper Griffth running toward a burning car on the shoulder and the text reads "He exhibited the highest nobility an officer can."

Image shows the Utah State Capitol building at night with a UHP car in front of it and text reads "Your work keeps us all safer and helps our communities."

Image shows a car with a flat rear tire and the text reads "Thank you for the risks you take every day to keep us all safe." Image shows a close up of a trooper's in car computer printing a ticket and the text reads "I would just like to commend the Trooper for his professionalism"

Image shows a UHP hat in the foreground out of focus with UHP badges in focus in the background and the text reads “I was taken by his genuine concern, kindness and personal efforts to help me that night.”

May 2020

Image shows downtown SLC protests from aerial view and text reads Please let these individuals know that their work, and the manner in which they conducted it, is not only appreciated but highly respected.

Image shows UHP troopers standing on the steps of the capitol while protestors stand in front of them and text reads "Thank you for making our voices heard. Thank you for your service as well." Image shows a UHP car with a baby moose standing next to it while the text reads "A big shout out to him for getting them off the road and to the safety of their mother." Image shows a UHP hat in the foreground out of focus with UHP badges in focus in the background and the text reads "This officer was so courteous....We need more officers like him."

March and April 2020

Troopers wearing cloth face coverings stand beside their vehicles in front of the UHP office in Murray. Image shows a flat tire and text reads He will never know how much his kind gesture has meant to me and my wife. Image shows a flat tire and text reads They were super kind and I honestly can't thank them enough Image shows a UHP hat in the foreground and badges in the background and text reads Thank You ALL for the tough job that you have Image shows a UHP Patch and text reads hey did a fantastic job and provided great service

February 2020

Image shows a photo of the UHP CAD screen full of call outs and text reads "Thank you for all your hard work on Monday, during the storms. Image shows multiple cars in a crash on a snowy road and It's freezing and snowing but they are all out there trying to help this single vehicle! Image shows a flat tire and text reads I'm glad the State of Utah has such high quality people serving in law enforcement. Image shows cars driving on I 15 in Utah County and text reads He was picking up large pieces of wood that were littering the road" Image shows UHP badge on a table with UHP hat blurred in the foreground and text reads Both Troopers were excellent.

January 2020

Image shows blurred police car lights and text reads We are thankful to Trooper Tew and please continue the good work.

Image shows a close up of a printer printing a ticket inside a UHP car and text reads I think he is a good example for all other officers" Image shows UHP beehive and text reads Thank you for your kind professionalism Image shows cars driving on a snowy road and text reads thank you for your help. It made me feel much better. Image shows illustration of UHP beehive and text reads He was very respectful and professional.

Image shows a flat tire and text reads "He not only saved us the day, but also brought good luck to us for the new year. Image shows UHP badge on table with close up of hat blurred in foreground and text reads "He was very kind and extremely professional."

December 2019

Image shows blurred police car lights and text reads Thank you to the kind Highway Patrol Trooper Image shows a close up of a printer inside a UHP car printing a ticket and text reads I actually enjoyed our short discussion in spite of the reason for the stop. Image shows a close up of a flat tire and text reads "I am so grateful for the highway patrolman that helped when my tire blew on the 201 Image shows a car with damage to its bumper and text reads He was very professional and I wanted to thank him for making me feel comfortable Image shows vehicles traveling south on the 15 freeway in Davis County and text reads He was a guardian angel sent to her Image shows a trooper hat blurred in the foreground with the badge that goes on a trooper's hat and the badge that goes on their shirt in focus laying on a table and text reads He was considerate and professional. Image shows close up on badge on Troopers hat and text reads He makes the state of Utah shine a little brighter

November 2019

Image shows a UHP Trooper hat and text reads Utah is a much better and safer place with these men who truly are here to not only protect, but to serve. Image shows the UHP logo and text reads He was very professional, helpful and kind. Image shows vehicles driving on a snowy road and text reads He was the epitome of a professional Trooper

October 2019

UHP logo appears on the left side with the text "He was extremely courteous and professional." Text on left side reads "He will have a stellar career with UHP" and UHP hat appears on the right. Photo on left shows a tinted tail light and text on right reads "If I were pulled over again, definitely hope it's Grant." Text on the left reads "We cannot thank Trooper Johnson enough" and image on the right is a map of Vernal" Image on left shows a child in a rear facing car seat. Text on right reads "I'm thanking him for reminding me of my precious cargo." Text on left reads "He has no idea how much this meant to both of us" and image on right shows a flat tire. Text on left reads "Thank you for all you do to keep my family safe" and image on the left shows police red and blur lights that are blurred into circles. Image on left shows a close up of a flat tire and text on right reads "We are fortunate to have this kind of person in our profession." Text on left reads "She is a credit to her troop and UHP as a whole" and photo on left shows Trooper Tew in her uniform standing to the left side of her patrol car.

September 2019

Text reads "I want to thank Trooper Zilles for his service" image shows a man rubbing tint off of a tail light while wearing a mash. Text reads "He went above and beyond to help her out" and image shows a flat tire. Text reads "He made a huge difference to me that day and image shows a light bar of a police vehicle. Text reads: “We are so appreciated of his actions.” Image shows close up of a flat tire on the asphalt. Text reads: “Thank you for your team of professionals.” and image shows UHP hat with a close up on the badge on the front of it. Text reads "One of the most kind and cool officers we've ever met," Image shows an animated version of the UHP Beehive.

August 2019

Tile shows two small photos that are selfies of a man with two different troopers and the text reads "They were very kind and finished changing the tire for me"Tile shows an image that is a close up on a citation printing form a UHP computer in car and the text reads "He is a credit to your agency."Tile shows an image of a UHP patrol vehicle that has stopped a car on the shoulder of I 70. The Trooper is standing by the passenger side window of the stopped vehicle. The text reads "This is to acknowledge the courtesy and professionalism of Trooper Gibbs."Tile shows an image of the UHP patch and the text reads "I really appreciate the UHP and all they do to keep our highways safe."Tile shows UHP hat with close up on badge on front and text reads "I am so grateful for their incredible help."Picture shows animated UHP beehive with the words "State Trooper" printed on the frame underneath it and text reads: “He was the kindest, most caring gentleman we had probably ever met!"

July 2019

Tile shows a flat tire and quote reads" No idea who the Trooper was of the elderly man, but made me happy to live in the area I do and to see service like this given. Tile shows a flat tire and text reads: I feel that this was above and beyond for these gentlemen!! Please pass along my personal THANK YOU. Tile shows a car on the side of the road with its hood open and text reads: I am so thankful for Officer Mecham and the many other officers like him who help keep all of us safe. Tile shows police car red and blue lights that are blurry and text reads: Officer Gonzalez with the UHP pulled up and was super helpful. Tile shows the Utah Highway Patrol Beehive patch and text reads: “Trooper Black was a literal answer to my prayers.” Tile shows a UHP Trooper hat with the focus up close on the badge and the text reads: “I want to thank the men and women of Utah Highway Patrol for their bravery, service, courage, professionalism, sacrifice.” Tile shows a bus along the side of the road - profile view with fields and sky in the background and text reads: This Trooper without thought of money back bought 2 cases of water and several large cups from a station up the road. Tile shows a close up on a car's taillight and text reads: I'm just extra grateful to her for the way she handled the situation and I hope you continue to hire awesome people like her! Tile shows a close up of a spedometer with the arrow pointing to 80 mph and it's blurry and text reads: “He talked to her about what was going on and treated her with such respect and kindness, helping her to calm down.” Photo shows a flat tire and text reads: “To the Trooper and the USMC Soldier that just helped my daughter change a flat tire on her car THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR MY BABY GIRL. ” Picture shows a police car with lights on behind a car it has stopped and text reads: He was a gentleman and compassionate toward us. I believe that Officers should be recognized for the good things they do Picture shows animated UHP beehive with the words "State Trooper" printed on the frame underneath it and text reads: “So grateful for all you guys do and the kindness you show!”

June 2019

Photo shows UHP Beehive patch and text reads "I wanted to comment on the courteous and respectful way he dealt with me." Picture shows a car spedometer and text reads "while getting as ticket isn't much fun at all, he made the experience a comfortable and professional one. " Image shows a blown out tire and text reads "I wanted to say thank you for stopping to help me this morning on I 15"

Photo shows a sunset and text says "Trooper Pugliese was not on duty, he came to the office to spend time with us and help us understand what happened when our friend lost his life."

Text shows Trooper Blankenagel changing a tire and the text says "He was very professional and friendly! I have always had great experiences with the Utah Highway Patrol, top notch people keeping us safe!"

Photo shows Trooper Alexander with a young boy sitting on his UHP motorcycle and the text says "He was very sweet with my son. He made my son's day. I'm very grateful for troopers like him."

Photo shows a trooper changing a tire while text says "I don't know what I would have done if he didn't see me on the side of the road."

May 2019

Image shows a speedometer and text says This very kind man saved me time and stress. Wish you all the best and less drivers that exceed the speed limit like me."

Photo shows person changing a tire, text says "He was out in the rain helping a motorist change their tire"

Photo shows a blown out tire, text says You should know that he was extremely professional and courteous. He represented your department in an outstanding way."

Photo shows a deer crossing sign, text says "We were so impressed with the great care that he took to help us and how reassuring he was to us in our time of need."

Picture shows a VIN sticker in a vehicle and text says "I so appreciate him taking the time to communicate and assist me, while also holding me accountable for the violations in a reasonable fashion."

Photo shows a blown out tire, text says I wanted to say how grateful I was and how proud I am to be from Utah where we have such a great group of Troopers."

April 2019

Image shows a piece of blown out tire on the shoulder. "They risk their lives daily in so many ways, just to make things safer for all of us"Person putting gas into a gas tank with a gas can. "He was kind and considerate."Image shows sun glare through the window of a car. "I want to thank him again for his vigilance and keeping not only me safe, but all others around me."Image shows light bar on top of police car.Image shows a crashed car on a freeway. Message compliments troopers on scene who helped. "everyone on scene was professional and helpful"Image shows a trooper's printer with a citation on it. Message thanks trooper for his professionalism during traffic stop.Image shows a beautiful sky at sunrise. "I just wanted to thank the officer who pulled me over for the DUI back in late August of 2016. It got me back into recovery after years of going in and out of the program of AA. I just celebrated 2 and half years in February. Thanks for doing your job

March 2019

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engine overheatingPerson fixing a flat tireUHP hat sits on the front of a carHis kindness amidst my mistake restored my faith in our law enforcementImage shows Trooper Bradford's name badge and includes the quote "He was an angel in disguise"Troopers and other officers stand outside Trooper Palmers room

February 2019

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I'm pretty sure you just saved our lives! I'm extremely grateful for how he treated me. He was wonderful under the pressure of the storm and multiple slide offs Thank you for risking your life every day to save others. Due to weather my car got stuck I wish more cops were like him I appreciated his time and professionalism I would like to compliment him for his professionalism and kindness When I hugged my wife and kids all I could think about was how thankful I was that your dispatcher told me to stay buckled

Trooper Pugliese put his own life in jeopardy to save the life of Maria.The law enforcement was the best part of the trip.


January 2019

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I came to Utah over the holidays (from Texas) to visit family. While there, I was traveling on the 215 headed up to Syracuse, when a ladder hit the front wheel of my car and flattened it. Only a few minutes after I had pulled over to the side of the road, Trooper Cameron Fawson stopped and completely came to my aid. He insisted I stay safe and warm inside the car, while he removed the flat, pumped up my spare, and then put that tire on. He was so friendly and put my mind at ease, even though it could have been a really stressful situation. I was incredibly impressed with him, and I am thankful for all he did!! Keep up the great work, Utah Highway Patrol!

We thank and appreciate all who had a part in his recovery and pray that God will Bless you all and keep you safe.

I was just driving past one of the Pleasant Grove exits Southbound on I-15. It’s 28 degrees and a light blizzard and a Utah Highway Patrolman is helping change a tire, no coat on. #hardcore. I thought how grateful I would be if I was the person with the flat tire and I wanted to make sure UHP was shown some love. I know it’s a thankless job a lot of the time, but I appreciate your efforts to protect and serve so much! Thank you, UHP!!

He was respectful and kind and I really appreciated the help he gave me“An officer pulled behind me and offered to change my tire. He changed it within minutes and I was on my way. I appreciate it so much.”

When he saw two senior women in the vehicle he immediately offered to go get gas for us at the next exit and be back to put it in our car which he did. We were beyond grateful to him. Even when you guys are issuing me tickets, I know you are doing your jobs and keeping our state safe “He was not only respectful but friendly. The way in which he conveyed the information was courteous and put me at ease. Trooper Park is an excellent example of a Highway Patrol Trooper.” I know you probably get a lot of complaints but I wanted to thank you for all you do!

December 2018

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He was so kind, helpful, and efficient in helping me. I just want to recognize him for his assistance.
And before I could even say hello, he jumped out of the truck with a giant smile on his face asking if I needed some wiper fluid.
I just want to tell him thank you. Thanks for working on Christmas. Thanks for being vigilant. Thanks for watching out for me and my family;
I want to thank you for helping my son and his family yesterday after they had a flat tire. My granddaughter was scared and the officer who assisted them took the time to comfort her with a sticker. My family means a lot to me. Thank you all of you that go out of your way to help others. Merry Christmas to you all that put your lives on the line to help our loved ones. I couldn't thank you enough .
In ways that are difficult to describe, my life has changed forever and for the better because of the way Trooper Neighbor treated me
Good morning, I am writing to express my gratitude at the help provided to me by Officers Stanton Tucker and Brandon Ayer on Saturday morning. I had blown out a tire on I-80 and they pulled up while I was waiting for roadside assistance and helped me remove the tire and put on the spare. Both of the men were extremely cordial and made a less-than-ideal situation much better. They are a credit to your organization.

Students from Longview Elementary sent troopers letters of gratitude.

“He went ABOVE AND BEYOND his duty to provide us with all of the information and resources my cousin could use to begin his job and housing search.”We would like to thank you for your kindness at Primary Children's today! Our son was excited to have a visit from an officer and receive a special gift. He loves his tiger and UHP car! Thanks for everything you all do We came down for a pretty scary appointment today at Primary Children’s and were greeted by a few of your troopers when we came in. My 6-year-old son went from being terrified to see his doctor, to over the moon as soon as they stopped him to give him a new puppy to cuddle. I was stressed because we were in a hurry to get here safely from Ogden in the snow and forgot to bring a stuffed animal which totally threw him off. You guys saved our day and he’s now in the BEST mood! Thank you for taking the time out from all of the incredible work you already do for the community to make a difference in this way as well. He’s been sleeping with his new pup (he named him Chance) every night. He’ll remember his interaction forever. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

“He spotted an object on the side of the freeway and checked it out. It was my phone and my wallet that I carry my phone in.”

I have, since that day he talked to me, been wearing my seat belt.