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August 2020

August 31, 2020

Corporal Mike Alexander, Utah County

“I’m writing today to tell you about an amazingly positive experience that my 15-year-old son and I had with Trooper Mike Alexander just after 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning on I-15 in Utah County. I know this sounds really early for a Saturday morning… my son and I were driving to Payson to run in the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon and Trooper Alexander pulled me over going (at least) 84 in a 70 m.p.h. zone.  When he approached our car, Trooper Alexander was incredibly friendly, gracious, and professional in his interactions with us.  When I explained that we were heading to our race, Trooper Alexander took my license and promised that we would be back on the road shortly.  Approximately 5 minutes later, he was back at our window returning my license with a smile and a gentle reminder to observe the speed limit.  My son and I made it to the race on time (and after more-closely observing posted speed limits from there on out), and we both ran fast enough for personal records. Strange as it sounds, I was actually glad to be getting pulled over: my son is about to get his learner’s permit and I wanted him to have a positive experience during a routine traffic stop before becoming a licensed driver.  This encounter with Trooper Alexander gave me an opportunity to teach my son what we (as the motoring public) can do during a traffic stop to keep ourselves and the troopers safe and how to appropriately interact with law enforcement when we are detained.  Almost every day, I talk to my kids about respecting law enforcement and doing what we can to support them.  This traffic stop gave me the opportunity to show my son why these lessons are so important. If appropriate, please extend my appreciation and thanks to Trooper Alexander for his example of professionalism and duty to my son.  I believe my son is a better person (and will be a better driver) because of our encounter early Saturday morning.” – S. Nelson

August 31, 2020

UHP Troopers

“Dear Sir. I’m on YouTube watching Utah Highway patrol, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m comparing your police officers to our police officers in Melbourne. We have a TV show called Highway Patrol, this show is done around the suburbs of our great city. I’m really impressed by the behavior of your officers, they are like our officers, treating people with respect. I love watching Utah Highway Patrol, it gives us in Australia an insight into how your officers work, I love the Trooper who is a K-9 handler, the dog’s name is Duke. Please keep up the good work, I pray for the safety of all police officers and their colleagues worldwide. Well done, mates.” – G. Griffiths

August 28, 2020

Trooper Tracey Jorgensen, Utah County

 “A special thank you to Trooper Tracy Jorgensen. He helped my father and his wife on Friday afternoon, August 28, 2020. My 92-year-old father was SB on I-15 by exit 275 (Pleasant Grove) in the early afternoon. His truck stopped, leaving him stranded on a hot summer day. Trooper Jorgensen stopped to help, called a tow truck, and stayed with them until I was able to come and help my dad. He was so kind and understanding. Thank you, thank you! Our UHP and local police deserve our respect and gratitude for their hard work and dedication.” – D. Lamb

August 24, 2020

Trooper Jason Hunter, Salt Lake County

“I got pulled over today and I had a really good experience with one of the Troopers. A friend of mine was talking about harming herself and I was in a hurry to get her some help. I was going a lot faster then I should have been when he pulled me over. He asked what was going on and immediately jumped in and started getting help. He ended up driving behind me to my place of employment so we could get the information we needed on this friend of mine. He ended up driving down to her house himself to check on her. I’m so grateful that he took the time to care and to help us out.” – Hailee

August 21, 2020

Trooper Christensen, Summit County

“On Aug. 21,2020, @ 10 a.m. I had a fender bender in Summit County. Trooper Lance Christensen responded. He was very professional and fair, I would like to pass that on. With all the negative press about L.E., brutality, de-funding, I thought I would pass on a positive encounter I had with Trooper Christensen. He is the epitome of a true professional.” – M. Groenig

August 19, 2020

UHP Troopers

“Dear Utah Highway Patrol, After viewing one of your officers on the side of the interstate yet again helping someone in need, I felt compelled to express my gratitude to all of you for the fine service you provide. This past week, I have seen several different instances of our officers helping someone change a tire, check out their engine, or aid after an accident. Often these events transpire very near high-speed traffic and often they are at the risk of the officer’s own life. Yet time after time, I have observed the kind of service these wonderful individuals provide to those in our state and communities. We live in a time of great unrest, disrespect, and lack of gratitude. Police especially are under attack all over the nation–both ideologically and physically. But I would like you to know that there are those of us who do not look at you and see the vicious monsters we’re made to believe you are but see kind, courageous, selfless, incredible people who do a fine service for us every day. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you or the appreciation I have. Thank you so much for your service. Thank you for protecting the community the way you do. Thank you for risking your own lives and safety for the safety and freedom of others. May God bless you.” – Josh

August 16, 2020

Trooper Strong, Summit County

“I wanted to let you know about the awesome State Trooper who helped me out today. It was around 3:30 pm when I was coming down the grade from Park City heading to Heber when I had a tire blow out. The State Trooper that stopped to help me was my hero! He changed my tire and I was able to get home to Provo safely. I can’t thank him enough. With gratitude!” – K. Fillmore

August 12, 2020

Trooper Adams, San Juan County

“I wanted to compliment a Trooper that I dealt with the other day on August 12, 2020, @ 18:48. This was on SR-191 near milepost 72. Trooper Bryan Adams (Badge # 321). He pulled me over in San Juan County for going 10 over the posted speed limit. During this whole interaction, Trooper Adams was very polite, patient, and willing to work with me. I had expired tags due to issues with my car being out of state when it expired. Trooper Adams was even understanding about this. He was very kind, professional, and carried himself with integrity. He treated me very well and issued a warning. I especially want to compliment Trooper Adams on his calm, and non-condescending demeanor in which he deals with people. I felt safe. He came across as being helpful and understanding instead of trying to catch me at something. Trooper Adams is a very positive and good person to have out there protecting the people. I would like to also thank him for his service.” – B. Rupert

August 11, 2020

Trooper K. Jensen, Salt Lake County

“Trooper Jensen badge # 492 is an asset to our community and should be commended for service in the field. I’ve had the displeasure of incidents on I-80 involving my job, as it requires me to test vehicles’ reliability. Of the several incidents, I’ve come in contact with Trooper Jensen twice. Of those times I was met with compassion, professionalism. I hope that UHP will recognize the stellar performance. Trooper Jensen is a model Trooper for our state of Utah.” – J. Gathercole

August 10, 2020

Trooper Scheer, Weber County

“I wanted to give a huge shout out to the officer driving the vehicle with UHP 596 plate. She was my angel tonight as my car broke down on I-84 almost to Riverdale road. She helped us safely get off the highway towing the car very slowly. Please know she went above and beyond I cannot thank her enough by giving selflessly of her time and assisting us in a stressful time. I wish I knew her name but please relay this thanks to her and gratitude in a time when not all service members are thanked enough.” – H. Wille

August 11, 2020

Unknown Troopers

“Our son, age 20, ran out of gas in our 2003 Subaru Forester on the highway in SLC yesterday at 6 pm. He pulled over to the left side of the highway, barely out of the lane with cars “flying” past him, and called home because he was in a very dangerous spot and he didn’t know what to do. While we were talking, a police car pulled behind him with its lights on so he hung up. He called back to tell us that the officer said he would have another officer get gas for him. We could not believe his good luck, though my son still wondered how they would access the gas tank without getting hit (the tank is on the right side of his car). It turns out that my son’s fears were unfounded; the officers managed to get gas into his tank so he could be on his way. I wanted to reach out to bring it to the agency/department’s attention how much we appreciate the very kind and very efficient help from these two officers. We believe their actions absolutely prevented him from getting hit by other cars. The way they treated him was also top-notch. To our mind, those officers represent the best of what public safety departments offer and we hope that they will be acknowledged for their good work.” – C. Blodget

May 24, submitted August 8

Trooper Olcott, Juab County

“On Sunday, May 24th of this year, my daughter and I were traveling along I-15 from Nephi to Spanish Fork. All of a sudden, our car made a terrible noise and started steering erratically. I am 75 years old and have driven in many types of weather, many places, but this was a new and unsettling experience. Eventually, we pulled off as far as we could on the side of the road. As you well know that section of the freeway is 80 mph and cars and large trucks, RV’s and everything else you can image were whizzing past us that fast or faster. We tried to call family to no avail and weren’t sure what to do next. We called highway patrol as I could only imagine one of those cars running into us. When Trooper Olcott arrived he was reassuring in his manner and then offered to change our tire which had apparently blown out. We were so surprised that he would do that and within a very few minutes, had the donut on the car and followed us to the next town, so we could get air in the donut and repair our tire. Trooper Olcott took us from the grips of despair and restored the beauty of a Sunday afternoon. I appreciate him so much. Please give him a citizen’s love him award, or a raise in pay or put him at the head of the parade. I think he’s wonderful. He did come to our rescue! He was good for me in my hour of need and he’s also good for the State of Utah in the good cheer he spreads. Thank you, Trooper Olcott!!” – D. Morris