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Public Information and Education

The Utah Highway Patrol is a leader in educating motorists about traffic safety topics through its Public Information and Education (PI&E) team.

Through presentations and outreach events, troopers focus on the Top 5 high risk driving behaviors: impaired driving, seat belt non-use, speeding, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

In 2016, troopers participated in almost 2,700 presentations or outreach events.

Seat Belt Convincers

To help increase seat belt usage, the PI&E team has two seat belt “convincers” which simulate a 5 mile per hour crash. The impact is small enough that it won’t cause injury, but significant enough to demonstrate how a seat belt holds you safely in place during an impact.

If you would like to schedule a convincer for your event, contact our PI&E team – the earlier the better.


Troopers throughout the state give presentations about safe driving to schools, businesses and various organizations. They can frequently tailor their presentations to focus on specific traffic safety areas, such as winter driving or motorcycle safety.

If you would like to schedule a trooper for a presentation, please contact our PI&E team.

Citizens Academy

To provide citizens with more information about how the Utah Highway Patrol functions, we hold a Citizens Academy once a year. Attendees will be introduced to police operations, patrol tactics, defensive tactics and participate in a firearms training scenario.

Experienced troopers and staff will teach academy classes. The goal of this academy is  to provide a greater awareness and understanding of law enforcement’s role in the community.

Read an article from the Richfield Reaper about the Citizens Academy here.

Not Accepting Applications At This Time.

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