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Recruitment Information

The Utah Highway Patrol does not currently have a recruitment open, but we anticipate opening a new one soon.

CLICK HERE TO SET UP AN EMAIL ALERT TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN THE NEW RECRUITMENT OPENS. On the page, choose the category “law enforcement.”

The basic eligibility requirements for being hired as a Trooper are:

    • High school diploma or GED
    • Age 21 and over
    • US Citizen
    • A background demonstrating good moral character

Click here to see if you meet all the Minimum Requirements to become a State Trooper.

All applicants interested in becoming a State Trooper are required to take a written exam called the P.O.S.T. Entrance Exam. Click here for more information and testing locations.

  • Test results normally take two weeks for the results.
  • Arrangements are available for out-of-state applicants.
  • For additional information.

Click here to contact a recruiter