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FAQ – Traffic Crashes

Traffic Accidents


What should I do if I witness or come upon a crash?

Stop in a safe location. Check for injuries and call 911 from your cell phone or the nearest regular phone. Keep the situation from getting worse by making sure approaching traffic is warned of the problem ahead. Render first aid if you are trained to do so. Don’t move the injured parties! Remain on the scene until police arrive. Tell the responding officers what you saw and did prior to their arrival.

When does a traffic accident report have to be completed?

Anytime there is a death, injuries, or total property damage to the apparent extent of $1,500 or more, a report is required.

I was in a crash and want to get a copy of the photographs taken. Can I do that?

Copies of UHP photographs taken at a crash site can be purchased by those involved in the crash by contacting Utah Highway Patrol headquarters. Please call (801) 965-4518 for information concerning the cost of photographs and to place an order.