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Crash Reports

I was in a crash and need a copy of the investigating trooper’s report. How can I get one?

If you need a copy of the accident investigation report soon after the incident, you have two options.

You may order your report electronically and receive it through a GRAMA request by clicking here.

Please note that accident reports have been designated by law as protected records. These reports will only be provided to the following:

  • a person involved in the accident, excluding witnesses to the accident
  • a person suffering loss or injury in the accident
  • an agent, parent, or legal guardian of a person involved in an accident. An agent is a person’s attorney, insurer, or any other individual or entity with written permission from the involved party to receive the report.
  • a licensed private investigator
  • public law enforcement officers acting in their official capacity
  • local, state, and federal agencies that use crash information in their official capacity
  • a member of the press or broadcast news media (certain restrictions apply)