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Employment – Compensation & Benefits

 Annual Salary

Minimum – $42,595
Maximum – $62,640

Education Assistance

The department will reimburse $4,000 annually to pay for education expenses when approved.

Off Duty Patrol Car Use

Your assigned patrol car may be used off duty within 50 miles of your residence.

Diversity of Assignments

  • Dive Team
  • SERT (Special Emergency Response Team)
  • SBI (State Bureau of Investigation)
  • K-9 Program
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (Motor Carrier Safety Section)
  • Safety Inspection
  • Executive Protection (Governor’s Detail)
  • Honor Guard
  • POST Staff
  • Training
  • Motors
  • DUI Squad
  • Community College Police Services (Section 21)
  • Aero Bureau
  • Internal Affairs
  • Highway Safety Office/ Public Information and Education
  • Criminal Interdiction Team
  • Public Information Officer
  • State Capital


Duty equipment, service weapon, laptop computer, and vehicle are issued to each trooper.

Advancement Opportunities

Troopers can apply for the Sergeant promotional examination after they have completed 5 years of work experience as a peace officer with the Department of Public Safety.

Sergeants can apply for the Lieutenant promotional examination after they have completed 5 years of work experience as a peace officer of which 2 years preceding application for this position must have been in a position classified as Sergeant or an equivalent sworn position with the Department of Public Safety.

Uniform Allowance

Troopers are provided with a complete set of uniforms upon hire. Uniform cleaning is also provided by the department. Troopers receive $520.00 per year uniform allowance for uniform replacement, and to purchase uniform items not provided by the department. The department may issue vouchers for $200 for uniforms.

Flexible Work Locations

Work assignments throughout Utah based on availability.


Is earned as follows:

0 through 5 years – 4 hours per pay period
6 through 10 years – 5 hours per pay period
11 through 20 years – 6 hours per pay period
21 years and over – 7 hours per pay period

The maximum vacation time that can be accumulated is 320 hours.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned at the rate of four hours a pay period, with no maximum on the number of hours that can be accumulated. Incentive programs to reduce sick leave use are provided.

Holiday Pay

The Utah Highway Patrol has 11 paid holidays.

Military Leave

An employee on official military orders, without loss of pay or loss of vacation leave, is entitled to military leave that should not exceed 15 regular scheduled working days per year. Employees who are on paid military leave shall continue to accrue annual and sick leave at their regular rate.


Troopers are covered by a fully funded, non-contributory retirement plan. The state of Utah pays the entire contribution. Retirement may be taken after twenty-five years of service.

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