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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hiring Process and Policies


What does POST certified mean?

In Utah, the term “Peace Officer” and “Police Officer” are used interchangeably. POST stands for “Peace Officer Standards and Training”. To be POST certified means that someone has successfully completed POST (police academy), granting certification as a Law Enforcement Officer.

What is the N.P.O.S.T. test?

The N.P.O.S.T. stands for “National Police Officer Selection Test”. Most law enforcement agencies, including Utah POST require passing this test as a pre-requisite for employment/certification. In Utah the test can range from $30-$40 and can be taken at most college testing centers. Click here for a list of approved testing sites.

Tattoo Policy

Does the Utah Highway Patrol have a tattoo policy?

Yes. The policy of the Utah Highway Patrol is that a Trooper cannot have any visible tattoos while wearing our Class “C” or short sleeve uniform.

Does the Utah Highway Patrol allow any waivers for the tattoo policy?

No. There aren’t any waivers for the tattoo policy.

Can I wear a sleeve/makeup or other type of masking material to cover my tattoos if visible in a short sleeve uniform?

No. The Utah Highway Patrol does not allow any coverings for tattoos otherwise visible in a short sleeve uniform.