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Second Quarter 2022

June 30, 2022

Trooper Cope, Salt Lake County

“Yesterday my family and I were rear ended just short of Exit 22B going to the SLC Airport. No one was injured but we want to personally thank officer Kristopher Cope, badge# 317, for the outstanding kindness he demonstrated. He arranged for another officer to take my daughter and granddaughter to the airport so they could catch their plane and then after making sure no one was injured he took my wife and me to the airport so we could rent a car and get home to Logan. Trooper Cope was outstanding and we truly appreciate his professional approach but mostly his concern and kindness. THANK YOU, Officer Cope!” The Garnand Family

June 27, 2022

Trooper Jennings, Box Elder County

“A big Thank You! A flat tire on I-15 south bound near the Port of Entry on 6/26/2022 and no tow companies would help me out. A call to UHP in Box Elder County and within minutes Trooper Jennings arrived to help slow traffic. Before I knew it, Jennings was helping us organize and speed up the process in any way he could. We felt safe and knew he would not leave us until we were on the way. In my book, he went above and beyond the call of duty. Stay safe Trooper.” – K. Stanley

June 26, 2022

Trooper Prescott, Weber County

“I just want to thank Trooper Blaine Prescott for his kindness. We are from California and borrowing my brother’s car, we were on the freeway going to a family reunion and had a blowout on the freeway, approaching Ogden, we were able to get to the side of the road to a safe area and called 911 for a tow truck. I was not familiar with the car and the speeding traffic was scary. One nice man stopped and offered to change the tire, but we told him we had already called for help. Then Trooper Prescott stopped, he was so nice and kind, and said he would change the tire for us. Also, the spare was under the car and I’d never changed one like that before, plus I’m kind of old, so my wife would not have let me change the tire myself anyhow, and the speeding traffic and huge trucks were scary. So officer Prescott changed the tire for us, another nice man also stopped and helped Trooper Prescott, I did take down his license number, it was a ford pickup. Please thank Trooper Prescott for his kindness and efficiency, I know we were on our way way faster than if we had waited for a tow truck, and it saved us a lot of money, as well as it being much safer, since we were gone so much faster. It was worth having the blowout, to meet such a fine young man. Commendations to the Utah Highway Patrol for hiring and training such a good officer. If there’s any way to thank the man who helped, I’d appreciate your doing that also, a fine citizen who wants to help others.” – K. Mano

May 12, 2022

Trooper Patterson, Summit County

“On May 12, 2022, while traveling through Utah on the way to Nebraska, my vehicle broke down near mile marker 178 of I-80. After a lot of calling for a tow truck, (I was told none were available), an individual suggested I call the 911 dispatch to see if they could help me. Dispatch was helpful by asking my location if I was injured and my general safety, I shared my information to pass on to the officers on duty. Dispatch also told me that it might be a while before they were able to get to me, and I understood and settled in to wait. Two officers arrived about an hour later. I explained what I thought was the problem with the vehicle, they jump-started my vehicle so it could be moved further off of the side of the highway, (the alternator was not working and it was nighttime). The senior officer was J. Patterson, and his fellow officer called a towing company, who called me right back and made arrangements to come from Evanston, Wy to load the vehicle and take me to Evanston for repairs about 45 minutes later. The officers made sure I was safe, and had cell phone service, food, water, and a heavy coat, as it was getting cold. They were very professional and helpful, and I would like to thank them again for their service and for getting a tow truck when others could not. They also explained that if the tow truck did not show or if I needed more help to call dispatch again. Please pass my appreciation on to these officers. Thanks to all that helped me that night.” – R. Bell 

April 18, 2022

Trooper Walker, Box Elder County

“I wanted to reach out and commend the Utah Highway Patrol. I was on the side of I-84 with a flat tire for 2 hours last night, waiting for AAA to come and help. Finally, Trooper Adam Walker stopped and helped me change my tire and explained why I needed to get new tires. I could tell that Trooper Walker truly cared about my safety and wanted to make sure I was okay before sending me on my way. As a single young female, it was scary to be on the side of the road in the dark, but he made me feel safe! I just wanted to say thank you so much! God Bless.” – F. Hynek

April 18, 2022

Trooper Sanchez, Utah County

“I was pulled over tonight by Trooper Sanchez because I was in the wrong and putting an address in my phone. I was going to put it on my phone holder but hadn’t done that yet. I was driving with my 15 year old daughter who I need to teach how to drive. I appreciated Trooper Sanchez and how he taught both my daughter and myself an important lesson on safety while driving. I know better and will be better. He took the time to explain to both of us the danger of what I was doing and instructed my daughter for the future. I know this will make a huge impact on at least my family and future drivers in our house. I appreciated the manner in which he spoke to us and the kindness of teaching. Please let him know that he really did save us from making a potentially super dangerous mistake of distracted driving.” – L. Bodine


Trooper Freeman, Tooele County

“I just wanted to send a message complimenting Trooper Freeman (138). Trooper Freeman stopped me today while i was clearly violating a traffic law. I was fully expecting to be cited, although he decided to warn me instead. I’m not complimenting him because he “gave me a break”, but rather because of how he did his job. The officer was nice and more than fair. I would have written this even if he would have cited me. I was happy to see how courteous our law enforcement officers can be. Thank You UHP.” – C. StCyr