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October 2020

October 27, 2020

Trooper Stanford, Davis County

“I had a flat tire on Interstate 15 yesterday, Monday, 27th. It was cold and windy and I could not get the lug nuts off so I called Les Schwab to come and change the tire for me. This was going to cost me $108. While waiting, Trooper Stanford pulled over and offered to change the tire for me and for me to stay in my car so I could keep warm. He was courteous and efficient and professional. I hope that you will recognize him in some way even if he knows there are people out there that do appreciate a job well done. Thank you, Trooper Stanford!” – S. Keefer

October 25, 2020

Trooper Snapp, Sevier County

“Please recognize Trooper Anthony Snapp for professionalism and courtesy. He pulled me over on Sunday 10/25 for a taillight that is out on my new (used) beater truck that I purchased and am working on to get all the “little things” fixed. I told him I had ordered parts for this (which I had on 10/22). Here’s what Trooper Snapp doesn’t/didn’t know. I have not worked or have been paid since February due to Covid affecting my industry, the resort and hotel industry. I am self-employed and hanging by a thread right now. I do not receive unemployment as I am not eligible as a small business. I am driving this “beater” truck because I’ve had to sell a LOT of my personal items to try and make it through this extended crisis we are all facing. At my house in Spring City, I fly a “Back-the-Blue” flag. I am behind law enforcement 100%. As a Spring City Councilman, the police chief reports to me and we work together on city needs and issues etc. Snapp let me explain that I had ordered the parts, he ran my license and gave me a warning. That’s not the main point of this note…it his professionalism, polite demeanor, and presenting himself as a polished young protector in our society that I want him and ALL HIS PEERS to know that I/we are grateful for! KEEP THE FAITH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN of the UHP….we love and support you ALL!!” – Joe M.

Image shows a close up of the badge on the front of A UHP hat with the text reading "Your efforts, sacrifices, commitment, and leadership during these uncertain times are really appreciated."

October 19, 2020

UHP Troopers

Dear Frontline Heroes, My name is Jack Maxwell, I am Mr. Frontline 2020. I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you all do to keep our community safe during this time. Thank you for being so dedicated, courageous, and selfless as we continue to work together to overcome this challenge we are currently facing. I’m trying to do my part to inspire the front line worker for everything they do. You are inspiring me to take care of my community, and in the future, I will continue to take care of it by giving back to my community. Your efforts, sacrifices, commitment, and leadership during these uncertain times are really appreciated! I am trying to encourage others to stay home and take care of each other also, as we are all in this together. Please take care of yourself! Please keep up the great work!” – J. Maxwell

October 14, 2020

UHP Trooper and IMT Tech

“Hi! I just wanted to thank the highway patrolman and the incident management guy for stopping and helping me today!! I got a flat tire in Parley’s Canyon, in not such a great spot. I had called a friend and AAA – both were on their way. But incident management and highway patrol got to me first, helping me get to a safe place and put on my spare. I appreciate it so much! Thank you!!!” – T. Rae

October 6, 2020

Troopers Giles and Vincent, Salt Lake County

“This morning while driving on I215, I struck a piece of metal road debris which resulted in shredding my right rear tire. I pulled over about fifty yards behind to where a UHP trooper was monitoring traffic flow. As my husband and I started to retrieve our jack, Trooper Troy Giles walked over and offered to assist us. He moved his vehicle behind us to ensure our safety, and proceeded to help us change our tire. Shortly after we started, Trooper Fred Vincent pulled up in another patrol car and also pitched in. Both officers were extremely friendly, helpful, and professional. We really appreciate their efforts and hope this message gets to them with our thanks.” – M. Dahl