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January 2020

Image shows illustration of UHP beehive and text reads He was very respectful and professional.

January 21, 2020

Trooper C. Jensen, Salt Lake County

“I would like to compliment Trooper Jensen ,he saw a person videoing he approached the person and Trooper Jensen was very very professional, respectful and polite towards the person filming. I would like to give this Trooper a commendation for his professionalism and deserves it for his conduct and respect he showed this person. I would be grateful if you could please put this in his file and let Trooper Jensen know. Thank you.” – J. Wagstaff

Image shows cars driving on a snowy road and text reads thank you for your help. It made me feel much better.

January 17, 2020

Salt Lake County

“I was on the 215 south this morning when my car started having trouble sliding in the snow. I turned on my hazard lights and realized a highway patrol truck was following behind me and stuck with me until I was able to exit the freeway. I am just writing to thank you for your help. It made me feel much better.” – C. Porto

Image shows UHP beehive and text reads Thank you for your kind professionalism

January 17, 2020

Trooper Jensen

“Trooper Jensen, Thank you for your kind professionalism when you pulled me over recently for crossing a gore. I couldn’t see the lane lines properly due to cervical spine surgery, but that is no excuse for driving incorrectly. Ironically, I was on my way to physical therapy. You carefully explained what I had done wrong and then gave me a warning. I have taken that warning to heart and now get over much sooner to the proper exit lane. Thank you.” – L. Williams 

Image shows UHP hat with close up on badge and text reads I think he is a good example for all other officers"

Summit County Trooper, January 10, 2020

“You guys have a Trooper, he’s in the Summit County area younger guy that guy deserves a reward or award. He’s not a robot he treats people with the upmost respect is extremely kind. I have been on multiple crashes, impound, and arrest scenes with him and he is truly something else. I tell him all the time but I think he is a good example for all other officers. I realize for your protection you have to keep emotional and physical distance from people but he balances this and still manages to treat people very professionally. I wish I had his name and maybe I can get it but I just wanted to recognize him and let you guys know he’s out there representing your department in the best possible light. Stay safe.” – J. Vernor

Image shows a close up of a printer printing a ticket inside a UHP car and text reads I think he is a good example for all other officers"

January 16, 2020

Trooper Baie, Iron County

Not sure who to send this too, but I’d like to comment about one of your officers. While driving to Mesquite for a soccer tournament on Thursday, my wife was driving a rental around Beaver and was pulled over by a female Trooper. The Trooper walked up to the passenger side and introduced herself to her and my mother-in-law, who was in the passenger seat. My wife said she was EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL, which I’m sure helped her nerves. My wife doesn’t remember her name, but we really want to commend her. She was very thoughtful of the safety to the passengers in the car. She treated everyone with respect and just had a great personality. The Trooper turned what could have been a tension filed moment into proud moment for my kids to witness. As a part-timer with Ogden fire/emt, I fully understand importance of public perception. If this message could be forwarded to her some how, it’d be much appreciated. Thank you all for keeping us safe. Please, be safe also.” – Hoskins Family

Image shows a flat tire and text reads "He not only saved us the day, but also brought good luck to us for the new year.

January 3, 2020

Trooper Tucker, Salt Lake County

Please help recognize Trooper Stanton Tucker for his great help during the road incident my family and I experienced today on our way to the SLC airport. We are so lucky to have his help and truly appreciate his critical assistance in the crisis.  This morning between 9:00-9:30am, we were driving to SLC airport for me to catch a flight. We were on the Hwy 215 ramp and suddenly heard rumbling sound from under the car. We stopped on the shoulder, got out and saw that the front passenger tire was flat and damaged. The rumbling sound came from the flat tire grinding on the road. Never experienced something like this, we were at loss and did not know what to do. Looking around, we saw a patrol car right there about 20-30 yards away. It was parked on the other side of the traffic. We waved our hands, and the officer rolled down the window and waved back. It was Trooper Tucker. He turned on the strobe lights and drove to our location. He asked me to take my luggage and sit in the patrol car and wait. He then went back to our car for couple minutes, and came back. He told me that he had called the team to replace the damaged tire; and he would send me to the airport. I was so grateful for his help and could not find words to express myself. I am so grateful, so grateful. His help goes way beyond my expectations. Without his help, I really did not know how to deal with the situation and catch my flight. When I sat at the departure gate, I was telling myself that Trooper Tucker not only saved us the day, but also brought good luck to us for the new year. Please help recognize Trooper Tucker via the venue of your recognition system. And let him know that we are so grateful for his help. Salute!”  – Y. Zhou and family.

Image shows UHP badge on table with close up of hat blurred in foreground and text reads "He was very kind and extremely professional."

January 2, 2020

Trooper Bertram, Salt Lake County

“I just wanted to leave a thank you to Trooper Anthony Bertram! He was very kind and concerned for us and extremely respectful! I am so glad to have an officer like I’m out protecting our Utah roads and families! Thank you!!” – V. Martinez


Image shows blurred police car lights and text reads We are thankful to Trooper Tew and please continue the good work.

January 2, 2020

Trooper Tew, Salt Lake County

“Tonight our car broke down on the freeway and within ten mins a cop car was there to assist us safely off the freeway. We are thankful to Trooper Tew and please continue the good work. Thank you.” – M. Frisby