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November 2019

Image shows vehicles driving on a snowy road and text reads He was the epitome of a professional Trooper

November 28, 2019

Trooper Fairbourn, Utah County

On Thanksgiving evening, I was traveling from Fairview to Sandy by way of Spanish Fork. Approximately five miles from town, I hit a patch of ice and spun my Tahoe. It slid down the eastbound lanes quite a bit, finally striking the guardrail, spinning around and striking the guardrail again. When it finally stopped, I was very shook up, but managed to move my Tahoe to the westbound side, into a pullout. I then called 911. In what seemed to be a very short time, Trooper Fairbourn arrived and began talking calmly and professionally. After calm this senior citizen down a bit, Trooper Fairbourn examined the right front bumper area, and then he decided to act. Using what I had with me, Trooper Fairbourn went to work, attempting to pull be the bumper away from the tire. He worked at it for what seemed forever, then came back and advised me he had succeeded. Then the tow truck arrived, and I began filling out my statement, after providing Trooper Fairbourn with my documentation. In no time, my Tahoe was on the truck, and I was safely buckled into the cab. Trooper Fairbourn was the epitome of a professional Trooper as he got me calmed down, and even labored on my damaged truck. I am extremely grateful that Trooper Fairbourn was reassuring, concerned, and most importantly, he was safe, and he worked hard to keep me safe. I am proud of Trooper Fairbourn, and what he did for me. Thank you.” – J. Klein

Image shows a UHP Trooper hat and text reads Utah is a much better and safer place with these men who truly are here to not only protect, but to serve.

November 12, 2019

Troopers Richins and Steiner, Box Elder County

“On the morning of November 12th, approx 1a.m., I was traveling on I84 when my truck broke down on the side of the road. Being 20 hours from home I wasn’t sure who to call or how I was going to get my truck repaired, especially in the middle of the night. I decided to try and get some sleep on the side of the road and wait until normal business hours to contact any business for help. Around 5 a.m., there was a tap on the door of my truck. It was two highway patrolmen wearing badge numbers 409 and 664. After a brief conversation of explaining my situation, they made a phone call and had a truck there to get me off the side of the highway to a much safer location. They also assisted in locating a mechanic locally that ended up saving me a ton of money. Their level of professionalism and care was impressive and I thought should be recognized. Utah is a much better and safer place with these men who truly are here to not only protect, but to serve. Thank you #409 &664.” – D. Shields

Image shows the UHP logo and text reads He was very professional, helpful and kind.

November 8, 2019

Trooper Molinski, Salt Lake County

“Trooper Tucker Molinski, Badge No. 626, responded to my crash with the median barrier on I15 NB, just north of 600 North in Salt Lake on Friday 8 November at 12:05 pm. He was very helpful, and even made a phone call to AAA to order a tow truck for me when I could not get through to them on my cell phone. He was very professional and kind. There was a pickup truck following me when I drifted into the barrier and he stopped to be of assistance and I assume he called in the accident. He also helped me with his flashers going to clear a way for me to get off of the highway onto the right shoulder where it was safer to deal with the reporting and tow truck operation. I did not obtain the name of the driver of the pickup. Please thank Trooper Molinski again for me for his service.” – B. Andrus