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March 2021

March 31, 2021

Corporal Battenfield, Salt Lake County

“Please convey to Trooper Battenfield that he is a hero in my eyes for saving the man’s life on the overpass. What an amazing, miraculous feat. I am sure that all of you at the UHP are very proud to have him as trooper.” – S. Gustin

March 25, 2021

Trooper Odenbach, Summit County

“Thursday 3/25/21, I had left tremonton in my semi, headed for Denver. Headed east on I-80 right at the 191 mm my truck died , in the fast lane of all places. I called non-emergency dispatch and reported that I was broken down and called a wrecker to come tow me, Trooper Shane Odenbach responded to me being broke down. That Trooper was one of the nicest, most courteous troopers I’ve ever met. Shortly after he arrived Moore’s towing arrived, Nicholas an off duty state trooper was working the wrecker . Again nice, polite, courteous. I believe when good things happen, reward is deserved, I believe in a thing called caught doing right, and in our modern day world we live in, I don’t believe there is much respect for our law enforcement. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you, those were two of the nicest troopers I have ever met , so if the head guys at Summit County Highway Patrol see this, you have some great troopers, good job, thank you. And my family and I appreciate what you do, and thank you for easing my stress while broken down and being so helpful.” – J. Hugie

March 26, 2021

Trooper Jensen, Emery County

“I encountered a Highway Patrolman in Emery County. This young man was very professional, helpful and courteous. We need more officers in the US like him.” – C. Underwood

March 22, 2021

Trooper N. Richins, Wasatch County

“I was in a hit and run today and I had to call the cops for assistance with my vehicle and Trooper Nicholas Richins was so sweet and thoughtful and helped in absolutely every way he could and made sure everything was okay before he left. I just wanted to make sure he knows how appreciated it was today and on one of the days I really needed it I wanted to make sure that his kindness was known there’s a lot of bad in this world but he sure isn’t part of if he’s really great. So I just wanted to say thank you.” – J. Halls

March 18, 2021

Trooper Cloward, Safety Inspection

“I want to put in a good word for Trooper 137. I passed him while he was 10-60 on a vehicle out of his car about 30 min ago. Uniform looked professionally cared for and he is obviously out being very proactive. He passed me down the road aways and was checking off ramps and monitoring traffic well. His patrol truck also was clean & looked sharp. I appreciate Troopers who work in rural areas of the State where backup is NOT readily available. Since he is in a truck, I assume he does tractor trailer enforcement. I appreciate him keeping truckers safe through his enforcement and inspection duties. Thanks for all State Troopers who keep our roads safe! God bless all of you.” C. Green

March 16, 2021

Unknown Trooper

“Just wanted to say thanks to the UHP for helping keep me safe early this morning when I broke down in the dark. My lights were dead and a Highway patrolman turned his lights on to help alert other drivers, as well as calling incident management. You all keep us all safe and mostly receive hate in return. So I just wanted to say thank you!” – B. Warner