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August 2021

August 28, 2021

Trooper Molinski, Salt Lake County

“Every so often this photo I took of Trooper Tucker Molenski as he assisted me after I dozed and hit the Jersey median barrier he was so caring and helpful. He even called my AAA service for tow truck after I could not contact them on my cell phone. Thanks again to him and all f you who serve us so well.” – B. Andrus

August 14, 2021

Trooper Strong, Summit County

“Just a note of thanks to a highway patrolman who stopped to help us with a flat tire on August 8th. We were on a busy section of highway 189, headed downhill when we had to pull over. Trooper B Strong arrived just in time with a hydraulic jack and better tire iron, making quick work of the swap to our spare. We felt much safer with his patrol car behind us, too. Our daughter’s family had pulled over to help as well, so six children (two with us and their four) got to see a great example in action. Thanks to Trooper Strong for the help and for the service you provide to our state.” – K. Van Ausdal

August 13, 2021

Trooper Cope, Salt Lake County

“We had a flat tire on the side of I-80, and Trooper Cope came to help us change it. He was very kind and helpful, and looked after our safety in a busy area. Thank you, Trooper Cope!” – T. Gerstein

August 8, 2021

Sgt. Nielson, Sevier County

I am writing to commend the professional conduct of Sgt. Richard Nielson, Badge number 220. On August 4, 2021, Sgt. Nielson stopped me for a moving violation. During our entire encounter, Sgt. Nielson was courteous and respectful and represented your agency with professionalism. With so much negative reporting on the conduct of law enforcement officers, I felt you should be aware of this positive encounter. Sgt. Nielson demonstrated the true conduct of most officers.” – M. Monaco

August 5, 2021

Trooper J. Hunter and SLCC Crew

“I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you about an awesome experience I had with a DV Victim and Trooper Jason Hunter’s on the Redwood campus the other day.We were working through a verbal altercation between a young male and young female, ex boyfriend and girlfriend. Come to find out, the female victim has been targeted/stalked/harassed by a few different males during the months she’s been in Utah. She speaks very little English and has no friends or family in the area so is pretty vunerable. 
So we were talking about what she should do if she had any future interactions with aggressive males/ or the male from that day’s altercation. As we were talking Trooper Hunter said something like “Hey and if you’re in this area and not feeling safe, you’re always welcome to come by our office over there, anytime before 5:00 we’ll be there.” Her face looked so relieved when I translated that into Spanish. She said, “Really? Wow, yeah I’ve noticed all the police cars parked there when I walk by, yeah that would be really nice.” Trooper Hunter confirmed she was welcome there and the crew is happy to help. 
Later on she commented to me how impressed she was by that offer and how it made her feel “much safer knowing they were there if she was in trouble.” She was really pleased with the whole deal and ended up feeling a lot less alone and option less. It really was just excellent work by the whole crew that was out there that afternoon Lieutenant. They were fair minded, respectful to both parties, supportive of the vulnerable, and very professional.” – DPS Victim Advocate Daisy Hodson

August 1, 2021

Trooper Ayers, Salt Lake County

 “I am writing to express appreciation to Brett Ayers. On August 1, I was driving to the airport when I experienced a blowout right after the 215 exit ramp. The repairmen felt that I must have hit something. It was quite dramatic and luckily I was able control the car and to pull over safely. After looking at the destroyed tire, I was concerned about the wheel and thought that the car might be undriveable even with the spare. I usually carry a phone book in the car, but had misplaced it so I called my insurance company whose recorded message said that they might not be able to get to me for hours. I have a flip phone and called 911 to see if they would call me a tow truck but they said they could not due to policy. After fruitlessly struggling with State Farm, I called the Highway Patrol again and they said that they would send someone. It wasn’t long before Trooper Ayers pulled up. He checked the tire and said that he could put on the spare donut. He told me that it was a little flat but that I could add a little air and drive back to my home in Salt Lake City safely. He told me what speed to drive at and how many miles it was safe to drive on the spare. He recommended driving in the spare lane with my emergency flashers on. Using his equipment, the tire was changed quickly even though I had said he could just call a tow truck or mechanic. But he did it. He would not accept payment and I even asked if I could send a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant to the station, but he refused. He watched me get safely started and I followed his instructions. I got home just as the torrential rainstorm started and full of gratitude for that fine young man. I want you to know that at 63 the blow out really scared me. I was in a car, I don’t drive frequently and had not yet used the tire changing equipment. I was worried about family members getting to their flight. The rushing passing traffic did not calm me or the frustrating insurance company. And then this calm and brave young man stopped to help me. I had seen where officers had been hit by careless or impaired drivers. I thought about his family. I knew my family where on the plan and worried about me, but they must worry every day. I listened as he calmly took charge and gave me all the information I needed to calm down and return safely home. And I thought how close to tears I was – I NEVER CRY. This young man must deal with people always having a pretty rough time, perhaps even the worst day off their lives, often due to their own neglect or poor choices. I knew that he was a remarkable person and I wanted you to know that on one of my worst upsetting alone days . . . he took care of me. I had my tires fixed – the tire was under warranty, but they were winter tires and I got more appropriate ones for the rest of the summer. I also had them check the spare. The wheel had been damaged and I had the steering fixed. We also had a crash course in changing tires. Then, I rode the bus to the airport and picked up my son’s car. His tires were nearing the end, but I took the opportunity to replace them and then kept the best for a spare along with the donut because he travels more widely and might be in a situation where it was needed. (I threw in an oil change as well). I did this to be a good mother, but most of all to show that I don’t take for granted the courageous and difficult work that the Highway Patrol do. Again, thank you for making my traumatic day better, for saving me money, and for getting me home before that storm.” – K. Taylor