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March 2019

Overheating engine close up

March 30, 2019

Trooper Gallegos, Salt Lake County

“Today Jake Gallegos was incredibly kind, helpful, and courteous as he checked on me after my car overheated while driving up parley’s canyon. just wanted to let you know that he was wonderful, and that he’s a great representative of your team. thanks to all of you for being there for us.” – S. Bird

Image shows someone changing a tire and includes the quote "I just wanted to take the time to express how thankful I am for you for caring about Utah drivers"

March 26, 2019

Trooper Gallegos, Salt Lake County

“Hello! I just wanted to drop in here and take a moment to say thank you to one of your officers, Mr. Jake Gallegos. I was driving to work early Friday morning and hit a pothole which was the beginning of that sinkhole! It blew a massive hole in my tire and so I promptly pulled over and just so upset (not a good time for spending at least 15 minutes on good cat eye makeup) I mean tears were streaming my friends! But luckily about 3 minutes after it happened I saw those red and blue lights and just like oh crap I’m thinking… but boy was I in for a real treat. Trooper Gallegos instructed me to stay in my car and changed my tire for me, followed me to a gas station and THEN PUMPED UP MY SPARE. He was so kind and he generally cared about my safety on the freeway. I was able to get to work on time and significantly less stressed because of Trooper Gallegos. I just wanted to take the time and express how thankful I am for you on that Friday and for caring about Utah drivers. It was such a relief to see your big smile and to hear you say “I’m happy to help, can you please stay in the car?..” Sometimes we forget to take the time and say thank you when cops “take it easy..” or even when you have to write a ticket but instead of 15 over you guys write it for 5. Thank you for all that you guys do and for putting your lives on the line to protect the Public. And if anyone is reading this ITS THE LAW TO DRIVE AROUND COPS WHEN THEY ARE PULLED OVER!” R. Simmonds

We felt that Trooper Ayer went far over and above his duties to ensure our safety.

March 25, 2019

Trooper Ayer, Salt Lake County

“It is with utmost gratitude that we would like to share the experience that we had with TrooperBrandon Ayer. We had a tire blow out on a very busy, rainy and dark freeway on Friday evening. Fortunately for us, Trooper Ayer stopped to assist. We felt that Trooper Ayer went far over and above his duties to ensure our safety. He offered to change the tire, used his own tire jack and was extremely helpful in a frustrating situation. Furthermore he was exceptionally courteous, respectful and professional. Thank you for employing such a fine officer.” – The Taylors

His kindness amidst my mistake restored my faith in our law enforcement

March 22, 2019

Trooper Walker, Utah County

“Just wanted to compliment Trooper Daren Walker. I was involved in a very minor fender bender recently. Troopers Walker responded to the accident and I was the at fault party. He was so courteous and respectful to me during his investigation and report. His kindness, amidst my mistake, helped restore my faith in our dedicated law enforcement. Thank you Troper Walker!” – A. Goodrich

Image shows Trooper Bradford's name badge and includes the quote "He was an angel in disguise"

March 14, 2019

Trooper Bradford, Utah County

“Thursday night, March 14th, I blew a tire going north on I-15 about 10 p.m and about 5700 South. I am 78 years old and was all alone returning from a reception in Utah County. I was told my insurance road assistance was coming. No one ever came. About 1 a.m. a highway patrol car pulled up. He encouraged me to pull up to the off ramp and then he changed my tire. I was so cold and so discouraged, but when he came and helped me it was truly an answer to me prayers. He was an angel in disguise. Please thank him and all of you for helping us in emergencies here in Utah. Sincerely with great gratitude.” – M. Barton

Image shows troopers and officers outside of MHP Trooper Palmer's hotel room.

March, 2019

Utah Law Enforcement Community

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer was shot on duty near Evaro, Montana, on March 15, 2019. He was flown to the University of Utah Hospital for treatment. The Utah law enforcement community jumped into action to support Trooper Palmer, his family and his fellow MHP troopers. Below are some of the messages of gratitude for this support that have been shared with us from folks in Montana and beyond.

“I want to thank you guys for all the love you are showing or highway patrol, my heart is so broken along with many others in the state of Montana. If there is any updates please have someone post something we are all waiting to see who they are both doing. Thanks again for all you have done and are doing for them.” – C. Russell

“Good evening, I am the wife of a Montana Highway Patrol Sgt.. I cannot thank all of you enough for your support of Trooper Palmer.  I pray every night for All of our officers safety. You have shown the world what the Thin Blue Line family is really about and I can’t thank you enough. Be safe and know as a wife I will always have your Six.” – C. Nelson

“As a member of a FD in Montana. Thank you for watching over one of our brothers in blue. You are truly a class act. You will always have a warm place to rest if ever in Montana.” -S. Ellinghouse

“I am a retired Oregon State police trooper but now living in Montana. I want to personally thank you for taking care of MHP trooper  Palmer, his family and other troopers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – D. Nafziger

“No need to respond just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to support and protect Montana Highway Patrol officer Palmer!!! You guys ROCK!!!! Montana loves ya!” – H. Grassman

“From all of us in Montana, thank you for supporting the family of MHP Trooper Wade Palmer’s family in their time of need. You guys are awesome!” – D. McDonald