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June 2020

Image shows a UHP hat in the foreground blurry with a UHP badge on a table in front of it in focus and the text reads I appreciate his kindness.

June 20, 2020

Sgt. Nelson

“Just a word of appreciation to Sgt. Nelsen who responded to a serious single-car rollover near Tremonton, in which a relative was injured. As a 29-year veteran Fire Captain and EMT, it hits close to home. I appreciate his kindness. You guys have a tough enough job as it is and breaks my heart to see the garbage aimed at law enforcement. My deepest respect. Thank You!” – Samuel

Image shows the Utah State Capitol building at night with a UHP car in front of it and text reads "Your work keeps us all safer and helps our communities."

June 17, 2020

UHP Troopers

“You guys are awesome. I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you do for our state. You see the worst in people, but also the best. You are very under-appreciated and I am sorry for that. Your work keeps us all safer and helps our communities. Please know that there are many who share my views and we love and appreciate you all. Stay safe out there.” – R. Harris

Image shows a close up of the badge on the front of a UHP Trooper hat and text reads We just quietly love and appreciate you and your service.

June 16, 2020

UHP Troopers

“To the fine ladies and gentlemen of our police force, I am writing this note of encouragement and support for our law enforcement people. Thank you for protecting our community and our lives. I have friends, neighbors and family who are officers and support staff for law enforcement. I know you are good people doing a difficult and sometimes unpleasant and hostile job. I, like others, seldom express the support and appreciation we sincerely feel for each of you and what you represent. You add value to our community each and every day you honorably serve. I am fortunate to have you for neighbors. During last month’s riots, I was impressed with the response of our Utah officers. Your restraint and relative courtesy in confronting the evil lawlessness and violence of these externally orchestrated thugs was most impressive. Thank you for standing up to these bullies. Well done! When I look at the law enforcement people I know, I see honorable professionals who must adapt to intense and ever-changing environments. You are expected to remain calm as you interact with emotionally charged people in potentially dangerous circumstances. Know that you are appreciated by the majority of people around you. We may not scream niceties and support in your face. We just quietly love and appreciate you and your service. Please don’t give up. We need you so very much. Like your families, I pray for your safety.” – David

Image shows still from dash cam of Trooper Griffth running toward a burning car on the shoulder and the text reads "He exhibited the highest nobility an officer can."

June 14, 2020

Trooper T. Griffith, Salt Lake County

“Yesterday was an extremely sobering and personal experience. While on the highway, the car I was driving with a friend suddenly and unexpectedly began losing power.

By the time we had crossed the five lanes of traffic to pull the car over, gray smoke was coming from the engine. Black smoke soon followed so we quickly exited the vehicle. Within seconds the car was in flames. A good man pulled over who I’ll only ever know as Sean let us get in his car to protect us from shrapnel or an explosion. We drove roughly 200 yards away from the car.


Five or so minutes later a Utah Highway Patrol Officer named Taylor Griffith showed up and immediately ran to the flaming car with a baton in hand. By the time he arrived the car had burned so profusely there would’ve been no survivors. Without knowing the car was unoccupied, he began breaking the windows and looking in the car as it was completely immersed in flames. With the traffic roaring next to us, there was no way my voice could carry the 200-yard distance. He continued to place his life on the line until I had run close enough for him to hear. (The third picture shows the officer running toward the car).

Trooper Griffith’s courage and bravery will never make the frontline news. He won’t receive any special awards or promotions. But he exemplified the highest nobility an officer can. He ran to the fire when we were running away from it. His actions were not based on race or color but of selfless sacrifice. If every police officer were the caliber of Trooper Taylor Griffith, the challenges we are facing today would not exist.” – Mr. Jones

Image shows the UHP Beehive animated and the text reads I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know know how much you are loved, prayed for, and respected.

June 12, 2020

UHP Troopers

“Dear UHP, I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know know how much you are loved, prayed for, and respected by your state. It is disturbing to me to hear the kinds of things people are saying all over the country about our law enforcement officers. They have turned the bad actions of a few into a sweeping generalization that does not reflect the truth about law enforcement. I want you to know that my wife and I kneel down and pray at night for the safety and success of our law enforcement officers. We have had nothing but good experiences with the UHP. Your troopers once pushed my totaled van off of the highway at 11 at night in the pouring rain and helped me get on my way. They have stopped to help on the side of the road just to help me put some engine coolant in. A few weeks ago I saw you standing in front of the doors to the capitol protecting it. Thank you for forming that wall to protect the people’s house. We want you to know we appreciate you, trust you, and hope you have every resource you need to do your difficult job. Please pass the same to all your troopers. Best wishes and God Bless.” – Spencer

Image shows a close up of a trooper's in car computer printing a ticket and the text reads "I would just like to commend the Trooper for his professionalism"

May 30, 2020 (submitted June 12)

Trooper Henry, Iron County

“I received a citation from a Trooper in Iron County on May 30.  I would just like to commend the Trooper for his professionalism. While I obviously did not like getting a ticket, I was speeding, and since my son, 15 years old (who is just learning how to drive), was in the vehicle, I was also setting a bad example. The Trooper was polite but at the same time straightforward, explained things quickly, and went on his way. Again, I appreciate his professionalism. Thank you.” – E. Heitzinger

Image shows a car with a flat rear tire and the text reads "Thank you for the risks you take every day to keep us all safe."

June 12, 2020

Trooper Michaelis, Salt Lake County

 I wanted to say thank you to B. Michaels for helping me fix my tire on the side of the freeway! He was so kind and I couldn’t have done it alone! Thank you for the risks you take every day to keep us all safe!” – C. Miller

Image shows a UHP hat in the foreground out of focus with UHP badges in focus in the background and the text reads “I was taken by his genuine concern, kindness and personal efforts to help me that night.”

June 10, 2020

UHP Troopers

“I must say that I have never had anything but very positive interactions with officers of the UHP.  Personal experience has taught me that your officers have genuine personal concern for our welfare and safety.
Some two years ago I was driving home one night after work on I-15. Suddenly I had a front tire blow out. Somehow I was able to get my pickup to the side of the freeway without accident. It was dark with traffic passing at freeway speed. Just as suddenly—and out of nowhere it seemed, lights of a UHP cruiser appeared behind me. In those dangerous circumstances, a UHP trooper was there at my window. I was taken by his genuine concern, kindness and personal efforts to help me that night. Setting his own safety aside, he soon had this crisis for me resolved.
I will forever appreciate that dedicated officer and the experience of that night. (It was immediately south of Provo on the south-bound I-15. The last part of the officer‘s name was „feld,“ I believe.)
Please extend my personal appreciation to all of your officers.” – K. Hunter

Image shows a close up of a printer inside a UHP vehicle printing a citation and text reads "Please thank him because he could have ruined my day but he didn't."

June 6, 2020

Trooper Nelson, Emery County

“I was pulled over by Trooper Nelson on 6/6/2020 for driving over the speed limit. In my humble opinion although I was traveling over the speed limit I was not reckless and was not near any other cars at the time. I had fought my way through the weather that day over from Junction to Salt Lake and was headed home. I was sure that my day was about to be ruined. Completely the opposite in fact. The officer was very professional while at the same time engaging in some small talk to lighten the mood. In the end, he asked me to slow down a bit and let me on my way with a warning. Please do thank him for me as he could have ruined my day but did not. Stay safe out there.” – J. Miller

June 9, 2020

UHP Troopers

“Thank you for the hard, brave work you do.” – Nancy