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August 2019

Tile shows two small photos that are selfies of a man with two different troopers and the text reads "They were very kind and finished changing the tire for me"

August 30, 2019

Troopers Powers and Santisiban, Davis County

“My tire blew out Tuesday night on the freeway, and I had just removed the lug nuts and jacked up the car when these two showed up. I’m sure glad they did, because one officer had to use a 16-lb sledgehammer to get the tire off. They were very kind and finished changing the tire for me. I don’t know the names of these two officers, but thank you, Utah Highway Patrol!!” – J. Henry

Picture shows animated UHP beehive with the words "State Trooper" printed on the frame underneath it and text reads: “He was the kindest, most caring gentleman we had probably ever met!"

August 25, 2019

Trooper Wenger, Carbon County

“Trooper Jason Wenger found our family broken down on the side of the road near Price, Utah Sunday evening. He was the kindest, most caring gentleman we had probably ever met! He offered us help in finding a tow company and offered to keep our children in his patrol vehicle for air conditioning since it was over 100 degrees. We didn’t want to distract him from his duties but he kept watch on us and made sure we were safe until the tow truck hauled us all away! We often hear stories from all over the country of bad experiences with officers of the law and rarely do people share the positive ones. I wanted to make sure Trooper Wenger doesn’t go unnoticed. I’m sure he’s the type that helps several people, but we couldn’t be more grateful! He made our whole family feel safe and truly cared for in a really scary situation, and for that we will always be grateful! Our little ones will always remember being junior troopers as well! Thank you so much for your service and all that you do to keep us all safe, in every situation!” – D. Simpson

Tile shows an image that is a close up on a citation printing form a UHP computer in car and the text reads "He is a credit to your agency."

August 20, 2019

Trooper Phillips, State Capitol

“I was stopped by Trooper Michael Phillips 8/20/19 at about 0625 hours. Just wanted to compliment Trooper Phillips on his professionalism and demeanor. He clearly explained the reason for the traffic stop and answered all my questions. He is a credit to your agency and a fine example of how respected law enforcement officers conduct their business. Please pass on my best wishes to Trooper Phillips!” – E. Small

Tile shows an image of the UHP patch and the text reads "I really appreciate the UHP and all they do to keep our highways safe."

August 18, 2019

Trooper Hainey, Utah County

“I just wanted to thank Trooper Hainey again for the professional and courteous way he managed my situation Sunday morning (in Provo). He seemed understanding of my morning and I am grateful how it was all handled. I really appreciate the UHP and all they do to help keep our highways safe.” – T. Fidler

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July 24, submitted August 16, 2019

Trooper Holland, Salt Lake County

“I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH to the 2 troopers who helped me after I lost my cellphone, credit cards and driver’s license on the highway in Salt Lake on Pioneer Day this year while traveling to SLC from Boise, Idaho. I think one of the officers was Trooper Holland. Without their help I am not sure what I would have done as I had no back up ID, credit cards, etc. and am not sure how I would have gotten back home. The officers made 2 trips, walking nearly 2 miles to retrieve my items as they blew down the highway and then brought them back to where my son and I were waiting. I am so grateful for their incredible help; they turned what could have been a major disaster into a minor nuisance. A million thanks.” – A. Lunstrum

Tile shows an image of a UHP patrol vehicle that has stopped a car on the shoulder of I 70. The Trooper is standing by the passenger side window of the stopped vehicle. The text reads "This is to acknowledge the courtesy and professionalism of Trooper Gibbs."

August 6, 2019

Trooper Gibbs, Iron County

“This is to acknowledge the courtesy and professionalism of Trooper Adam Gibbs during a 8/6/19 traffic stop on I-70 at 2328 hrs. I was pulled over by Trooper Gibbs for exceeding the posted speed limit. I do not agree that I violated the posted speed limit and I was also aware of heavy UHP presence in the area, including the two radio cars I saw parked in the median as I passed. I appreciate that Trooper Gibbs allowed me to express my concern about the stop without becoming hostile or defensive. As soon as Trooper Gibbs collected my license and insurance documents I informed my wife that this was a “no win” situation because I believed the stop to be unfair to begin with and that the officer was determined to issue a violation. I was wrong. I am grateful that Trooper Gibbs did not approach me in an aggressive and unfriendly manner. Though I was initially put off by his questioning my reasons for being in the area, I came to accept that he was just making polite conversation. I was very pleasantly surprised by his decision to end our encounter by issuing a warning instead of a citation. His action was a key reason our Utah vacation was the best my family has ever had. Thanks to Trooper Gibbs, there were absolutely no negative experiences attached to our visit. I worked with all levels of law enforcement personnel from scores of different agencies for many years. I appreciate the work they do and understand the public relations challenges they are likely to confront at any turn. Trooper Gibbs demonstrated to me that he is trained and prepared to deal with those challenges. As far as my wife and I are concerned.Trooper Gibbs was the right officer for the job that night. I am very happy I was not ticketed, but I mostly thank him for his courtesy during our interaction.” – J. Keys

August 2019

“Today I witnessed something that I hadn’t before, but it’s something you officers deal with daily. I work downtown at temple square and I was waiting to cross south temple to go to city creek, when I noticed a Utah Highway Patrol officer, walking to the jimmy johns. A very immature 18 something year old (teenager) yelled out PIG! I was disgusted. I wanted to say something but didn’t. I regret that, I always try to make it a point to thank all law enforcement officers when I see them. I feel deeply sorry for that officer, and I regret not saying anything to this individual where I could have said something. So, I just want to get on here and express my gratitude to all of the UHP Troopers out there keeping us safe. Thank you thank you thank you! And if that Trooper somehow sees this and knows that he was the one that this happened to, I would love to see him on temple square around the church office building sometime!” – K. Keel