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In 1992, the UHP Breath Alcohol Testing Program placed a Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit (BAT-mobile) into operation. The BAT-mobile was purchased through a federal grant designed specifically for sobriety checkpoints. When used in conjunction with sobriety checkpoints, the BAT-mobile is a pro-active enforcement approach to the ongoing drinking and driving problem that plagues our highways. The BAT-mobile allows an officer to conduct an intoxilyzer test at the scene of an arrest. The large van also provides space for officers to complete alcohol influence report forms and is equipped with video equipment to record evidence.

Through the same grant, overtime money was made available to all interested law enforcement agencies for the first year of operation. During one weekend in August 1992, the BAT-mobile was utilized by the Utah Highway Patrol and the Utah County Sheriff’s office which resulted in 154 arrests, including 68 alcohol violations, 11 DUIs, and six warrants. The BAT-mobile continues to be utilized throughout Utah by a variety of agencies. Incidentally, the license plate on the BAT-mobile is UHP BAT.

Troopers next to BAT mobile in front of capitol