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Starting Out Young

On July 8, 1992, Trooper Dave Guest attempted to stop a reckless driver after a truck driver had witnessed the vehicle impact a guardrail near Benjamin. The trooper attempted to stop the vehicle southbound near the Juab County line. Instead of stopping, the driver accelerated to over 100 mph. The chase continued for nearly 75 miles. Trooper Guest backed off to see if the vehicle would slow down, which it did. North of Fillmore, troopers attempted to stop the vehicle with roadblock spikes.

The suspect vehicle ran over the spikes which flattened several tires, but it continued on for over five more miles on the rims. The suspect then drove through the median, traveled about a mile in the northbound lanes, and then crossed back into the southbound lanes. When the rims totally disintegrated, the vehicle crashed into a fence. While this incident may have occurred many times in the past, the fact that the suspect was only nine years old made this incident worthy of mention in the history of the UHP.