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Public Information and Education

One of the ten areas of emphasis established by the Patrol in 1994 was to make safety education a higher organizational priority and to devote more resources to this program. Every section was directed to establish a Public Information and Education (PI&E) program. PI&E troopers received special training and encouragement to create new programs aimed at safety education and crime prevention. It has been proven that education is one of the greatest tools in the prevention of crime and the promotion of safety.

Troopers meet regularly with businesses, civic organizations, schools, the young, and the elderly. Businesses often join with public safety organizations to promote safety and reduce crime. For example, Smith’s Food and Drug and Albertson’s donated turkeys as a promotion during the “Safe and Sober Campain.” Shopping malls often promote safety and education programs such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education, (DARE). K-mart sponsors the annual “Shop with a Cop” program. As McGruff would say, working together, the community, businesses, and police can “take a bite out of crime.”

Trooper giving teddy bear to injured child in hospital