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First Class Robbery

On March 6, 1995, Ted Martin Cary, 28, walked into the Wendover branch of Key Bank. He handed a note to a teller demanding money, then walked out of the bank with $920 and got into a waiting stretch limousine. The limo driver had no knowledge of the robbery. An attempt to locate was broadcast and employees at the Port of Entry notified the Utah Highway Patrol when the limo passed their location.

Three troopers caught up with the limo about 35 miles east of Wendover. The troopers ordered the driver to exit, which he did. They then ordered the passenger to exit. Cary exited but held a hand inside his coat. With weapons drawn, the troopers ordered him to show his hands, but he did not cooperate. Instead, he made several movements fumbling inside his coat and then a fast movement, drawing a black object from his coat. Two troopers fired their 9 mm handguns. The suspect was wounded in the abdomen and shoulder. He was then taken into custody.

The dark object turned out to be his wallet. The limo driver was also arrested and questioned. He was later released when it was determined that he knew nothing about the robbery. The money from the bank was recovered at the scene. No weapon was found. Cary’s wounds were not serious. He was charged in federal court with bank robbery. A shooting review board ruled the shooting was justified. The Tooele County Attorney concurred.