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Centennial Badge

Members of the Utah Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety will wear a centennial badge to celebrate the 100 years since Utah became a state. The centennial badge is a combination of all the badges worn by the Utah Highway Patrol.

The first badge of the Utah Highway Patrol was designed in 1927 and was a silver shield with the words “State Road Commission” on top and “Police” on the bottom. In the center of the shield was a five point gold star. The words “of Utah” followed by a number in the center of the star represented the division the officer was assigned to, rather than the badge number of the officer.

centennial badgeThe second badge of the Utah Highway Patrol, adopted in approximately 1935, had a top banner that read “Utah Highway Patrol.” The officer’s badge number was also engraved in the center of this badge upon the five point gold star. The words “of Utah” were removed.

In 1946, the Patrol changed its badge to a six point gold star. The Territorial Seal of Utah, placed in a shield, was adopted as the center emblem of this new badge.

The five point star found in the center of the original badge was engraved on either side of the words “Utah Highway Patrol.” The word “Police” was also

engraved on the bottom of this badge, the same as the first two badges. The trooper’s badge number was engraved on a small plate, attached to the bottom point of the six point star. In the 1970s the badge number was removed from all badges. In the late 1980s the word “Police” was replaced with “Trooper.”

The centennial badge displays the six point gold star on top of the silver shield. The Territorial Seal has been replaced with the Seal of the Great State of Utah. Members of the department will wear this badge only during 1996.