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Assault Near Green River

On January 6, 1990, Trooper Boyd F. Gledhill stopped a green pickup truck on Interstate 70 near milepost 136 for speeding 76 mph in a 65 mph zone. The vehicle displayed a California plate and the driver had a Colorado driver license. The driver stated the vehicle belonged to the passenger. The passenger stated the vehicle belonged to his cousin. After issuing a citation for speeding, Trooper Gledhill asked if there were any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. The male driver and a female and male passenger all stated that there were none. Trooper Gledhill asked for consent to search and all occupants agreed. Trooper Gledhill then asked the occupants to step out of the vehicle.

Upon exiting the vehicle, the male passenger took a paper bag with him. Trooper Gledhill advised all three occupants that they were not under arrest but that he was going to do a cursory search for weapons. The passenger agreed and placed the paper bag on the ground. When asked what was in the bag, the passenger replied, “Crackers.” Trooper Gledhill asked if he could open it and the passenger stated, “Go ahead.” Trooper Gledhill picked up the bag and noticed that it was fairly heavy. Upon opening the bag he found a package that was wrapped in brown paper and duct tape, and had markings on it from a black felt tip pen. The package was wrapped and marked consistent with a kilo of cocaine. Trooper Gledhill then drew his weapon and told all of the subjects that they were under arrest.

After handcuffing the driver, he started to move toward the passenger. The passenger then jumped toward Trooper Gledhill, grabbing his handgun. During the struggle, Trooper Gledhill was knocked to the ground, injuring his left knee. As he fell the weapon discharged. He could feel that he was losing control of the weapon and was able to eject the magazine, which fell on the ground. Trooper Gledhill kicked the magazine under the suspect’s vehicle as the passenger gained control of the weapon.

A passing motorist saw Trooper Gledhill struggling with the suspect and stopped to assist. He exited his vehicle at the same time the suspect gained control of the trooper’s weapon. The suspect aimed the weapon at the good Samaritan and ordered him to leave, which he promptly did.

The suspect then went to Trooper Gledhill’s patrol car. He was unable to open the door, so he broke the driver’s window with the trooper’s weapon and retrieved the ignition keys. The suspect then pointed the weapon at Trooper Gledhill and told him to produce the handcuff key. Trooper Gledhill gave him the key, which the suspect used to free the driver. The three suspects then fled the scene in their vehicle.

Trooper Gledhill was able to contact dispatch via his portable radio. The suspect vehicle was stopped by Utah Highway Patrol troopers and Emery County Sheriff’s deputies near milepost 155. The suspect that assaulted Trooper Gledhill was found to have several aliases and an extensive history of assault and drug charges.