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Letter of Praise

Every police agency receives letters of praise. One letter to Colonel Ray Evans, dated July 31, 1970, praised the actions of Troopers Clifton Green and Riley Blanscett. Mrs. Mark Wagstaff of Roy, Utah wrote, “On July 23, 1970, two of your men helped save the life of our 11-month old son. He had eaten a mouthful of mud highly concentrated with chlordane and parathion. This particular poison releases the body fluids to the lungs and the victim drowns.”

While speeding to the hospital, Mrs. Wagstaff saw Troopers Green and Blanscett parked along side of the road. She approached the troopers with her lifeless baby in her arms. Trooper Green drove to the hospital while Trooper Blanscett began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The letter continues, “Dr. Way, our pediatrician, said the thing that probably saved our baby was the resuscitation kept the mucous going up and down his throat so it couldn’t clog or settle on his lungs.”

The letter concludes, “I’m sure you can understand our feelings toward these two men. They know their job and carry it out with excellence. This experience has made the value of the Utah Highway Patrol crystal clear in our minds, and we do thank all of you for the services you render from day to day, but especially we want to given thanks to Troopers Clifton Green and Riley Blanscett. They clearly saved the life of our son, and we will be eternally grateful to them. We certainly commend you for having such valuable men and will never forget what they have personally done for us.”