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CB Radios

For many years, a number of troopers purchased citizen band radios and installed them in their patrol cars. Troopers monitored emergency channel 9 and the main talk channel 19. Citizens would often notify troopers of accidents, drunk drivers, and disabled vehicles. The 1978 legislature appropriated $32,000 to the Patrol for the purchase of CB radios. These radios were Cobra brand and had 40 channels. They also had the capability of scanning emergency channel 9.

Trooper Dan Fallows was working Parleys Canyon in September 1980. Dan observed a speeding semi truck with the rear axles on fire. He immediately pursued; and using his CB radio, told the truck driver to take the runaway truck lane. The truck driver pulled into the left lane; however, he failed to take the runaway lane.

Trooper Fallows sped ahead of the semi. He used his lights, siren, and CB radio, to warn traffic to move out of the way. At one point, a motorist failed to yield and Trooper Fallows used his push bumper to clear the way. Because Trooper Fallows’ path had been blocked by the inattentive driver, the truck came in contact with the rear of the patrol car. Fortunately, Trooper Fallows made it out of the canyon with the burning truck close behind. This incident proved the value of CB radios and push bumpers on patrol cars.