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Two Decades of Growth

The past two decades were growing years for the Utah Highway Patrol. Legislation passed in 1967 provided for additional troopers based on the number of vehicles registered in the state. This law provided for extensive growth of the Patrol at the close of the 1960s. Field strength had increased from eight sergeants and 42 troopers in 1950, to 20 sergeants and 147 troopers in 1969. Radio personnel increased from six radio operators in 1950, to 38 radio operators and eight engineers and technicians in 1969. Dispatch centers increased from one facility located at the State Capitol in 1950 to 13 facilities through out the state. Ports of entry had increased from two part-time facilities in 1950 to nine permanent facilities plus two portable units in 1969. The Ports of Entry were staffed by three sergeants and 55 troopers. The interstate highway was continuing to grow as was the population of Utah. During the next two decades many more changes would come to the Patrol.