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Fatal Teen Driver Crash

The problem with many teenage criminals is that they possess a dangerous combination of no brains and no fear. Such an incident occurred in January 1964, when Officer Madson “Hy” Ipson, on duty at the St. George Port of Entry, observed a northbound stolen vehicle. He alerted Trooper Don Best, who attempted to stop the wanted vehicle a few miles further north. The driver, an 18 year-old AWOL Marine from San Mateo, California, accelerated to over 100 mph. Don called for a roadblock south of Cedar City. Troopers ElRoy Mason and Bill Burch, and Conservation Officer Gary Iverson blocked the road with two UHP cruisers near Kanarraville. Upon approach of the speeding felon it was obvious that the fearless bandit had no intentions of stopping. Just prior to slamming into the roadblock, Trooper Mason opened fire with a .45 caliber Thompson submachine gun. The stolen vehicle was struck several times and then slammed into the blockade. Trooper Burch’s patrol car was hit and spun sideways in the road, striking Officer Iverson. The stolen vehicle was disabled and skidded to a stop. The fleeing felon was then taken into custody along with a 16 year old runaway passenger from Chicago, Illinois. Officer Iverson was treated for minor bruises and abrasions. All three officers were thankful that no one was more seriously injured.

Giving first aid to victim of double fatal crash