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Vehicle Safety Videos

To help provide details about Utah’s vehicle safety laws, we’re creating videos that explain the parameters.


In this video, Sgt. Taylor demonstrates two quick ways to determine if your vehicle’s lift is legal. Click here to read statute 41-6a-1603.

Window Tint

In this video, Sgt. Taylor provides information about light transmittance restrictions for the various windows in your vehicle. Click here to read statute 41-6a-1635.

Rear Window: No light transmittance restrictions Rear Passenger Windows: No light transmittance restrictions Front Passenger and Driver Windows: Not less than 43% light transmittance Windshield: Tint can only be applied in the area 4 inches down from the top edge or to the AS-1 line, whichever is lower. Other non-transparent material can only be applied to the lower left hand corner of the windshield, provided it does extend more than 3 inches to the right of the left edge or more than 4 inches above the bottom edge. Tinted Head Lamps, Tinted Tail Lamps and License Plate Covers: Illegal regardless of light transmittance value


Sgt. Taylor outlines the vehicle safety elements for tires, including tread depth, snow tire usage and damage that means tires need to be replaced. Click here to read statute 41-6a-1636.