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Blocking Crash I-80 Tooele County

On Wednesday 03-02-2022 at 0957, a trooper had stopped a commercial vehicle for a move over violation on I-80 Westbound near milepost 85. He made a passenger side approach and was interacting with the driver and co-driver. While interacting with the driver and co-driver, another westbound semi was traveling in the right lane approaching the traffic stop location. The second semi attempted to change lanes into lane one and while doing so, struck a passenger car who was already in lane one. That impact caused the second semi to veer to the right and strike the Trooper patrol SUV on the driver side. That impact pushed the patrol vehicle into the back of the originally stopped semi. The second semi continued and rotated counter clockwise and rolled shutting down all westbound lanes of I-80. After the truck rolled it became completely engulfed in fire.  The black passenger car came to a rest on the NB. shoulder. The trooper was completely uninjured due to him making a passenger side approach. The driver and co-driver of the first semi were also uninjured. Driver of the rolled semi suffered minor injuries. Occupants of black passenger car suffered Bravo to Charlie injuries and were transported to a Salt Lake Valley hospital. Tooele County Sheriffs Office is handling the crash investigation.

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