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Hot Spot Enforcement August 15th-17th

A UHP motor officer aims a lidar detector at oncoming traffic

Utah Highway Patrol Conducts “Hot Spot” Enforcement

Motor squad saturated I-15 in south part of Salt Lake County to reduce crashes

Using crash, citation and speed survey data, the UHP has identified high crash zones, one of which is the southern end of I-15 in Salt Lake County.

From Tuesday, August 15th through Thursday, August 17th, UHP motors performed consistent and concentrated enforcement from the Point of the Mountain to 11400 South.

The focus was on speeding, seat belts and unsafe driving behaviors such as following too close and aggressive driving. The goal is to reduce crashes and motivate drivers to make safe driving choices.

Infographic with details about HIVE enforcement conducted by motor squad August 15th through 17th. They stopped 290 vehicles, had 150 speeding contacts and 50 seat belt contacts.


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