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Memorial Day Weekend Enforcement

UHP motorcycle parked near flags on Memorial Day 2016

Heavy Traffic

It’s a big weekend for traveling – AAA is predicting that more than 39 million people will be hitting the roads. UDOT is expecting heavy traffic and delays and encouraging drivers to plan ahead.

We’ve got Memorial Day weekend plans and they’re centered around what Colonel Rapich said yesterday.

Colonel Rapich said "Let's get you where you're going and lets get you home safely

400 Extra Enforcement Shifts

We’ll have extra troopers out on the roads doing just that – helping you get where you’re going safely.

They’ll be looking for any unsafe driving behaviors and focusing on speeding, seat belt use and impaired driving.

Icon of a seat belt Speedometer icon Beer and car icons with a large x over them
Seat Belts Speeding Impaired Driving

DUI Blitz Friday Night

Our Memorial Day weekend plans include a DUI blitz tonight and our DUI enforcement will continue throughout the weekend.

Multiple agencies in Utah County will be having a DUI blitz on Saturday night.

Drunk driving puts lives at risk.

If your weekend plans include drinking, make sure you plan for a safe and sober ride home.

Buzzed Driving is drunk driving - billboard with message "I'll drive really slow" crossed out to read "I'll drive head-on into a family"

Click It or Ticket

The Click it or Ticket enforcement campaign is in full swing. Our troopers and officers from law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be looking for drivers and passengers who aren’t buckled up.

Seat belts save lives. Buckle up – every trip, every time, everyone. If people want to go to sleep on long trips, make sure they stay buckled up.

Click it or Ticket

100 Deadliest Days

Memorial Day marks the start of the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer.

Traffic-related deaths typically increase during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

We would like to reverse this trend and make sure that no one experiences the loss of a loved one because of a crash.

Drive safely so you and others out on the road with you can get home safely.

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