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Spring Storm Bringing Winter-Like Conditions

Winter Driving Conditions

Rain, snow and winter driving conditions are in the forecast.

Cold front impacting Utah through tonight.

Wet Weather Driving Tips

To help you safely get where you’re going, we have some wet weather driving tips.

Wet weather driving tip - slow down.


Wet Weather Driving Tip: Change the way you drive - you can't drive the same way on wet roads that you do on dry roads

Wet Weather Driving Tip - Avoid using cruise control. It can increase the chance that you'll lose control of your vehicle.

Wet Weather Driving Tip - Increase your following distance. You need more room to safely stop.

If There’s Ice & Snow, Take It Slow

If you do encounter icy and snowy roads, remember – take it slow.

Check out our winter driving website for additional driving tips.

Ice and snow, take it slow

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