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Tidings of Comfort for Others From the Jenson Family

We’d like to share a special story about a generous and thoughtful donation from a family in Cache County.

Brady Jenson reached out to Trooper Rawlinson and said the Jensen family wanted to do something different for Christmas this year to take the place of sibling gifts.

They decided to make special bags for Troopers to keep in their cars – stocked with items to give to kids and adults in distress.

The family put them all together with blankets, toys, books and stuffed animals. They knew there are 12 Troopers in Cache County and so they made enough of the special bags for each Cache Trooper to have one.

Trooper Rawlinson, Trooper Thomas and Trooper  Mullen pulled up to the family’s house with lights and sirens to meet them for the donation.



The family members – including extended family who had all participated in the project – were gathered at the family’s house. They posed for some group photos and the kids all got to check out the Troopers’ cars.


Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of this family, each Trooper in Cache will have a bag full of goodies in their vehicles to give to those in need in bad situations.

We are so grateful to the Jenson family for this kind gesture!

Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!

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