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Food Safety Messages

We know food, friends and fun are a big part of the 4th of July. We thought we’d invite you to help us make this a safe weekend for everyone by just adding a simple safety message to some of your 4th of July feasts. Whether you’re at a pancake breakfast, a local fair or family barbeque, add a safe driving message to your favorite food and share it with us and we may feature it on our social media channels.

We ask you to follow two criteria:

  • Keep your message respectful and “G-rated”
  • Please don’t waste food – according to the Utah Food Bank, summer is a great time of need for Utah families facing hunger. So while you’re out shopping for the 4th, and throughout the summer, consider picking up items to donate.

You can message us or post a picture on our Facebook page : http://Facebook.com/UtahHighwayPatrol

Tag us in the comments of your picture on Instagram: @utahhighwaypatrol

Tag us in your tweet: @UTHighwayPatrol

Our examples all feature the “Buckle Up” message, because we can’t say that enough. But you are welcome to create and share a message about any other driving behavior: impaired driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding, safe driving around trucks and sharing the road with motorcycles and bicycles.

More than anything, we want everyone to have a safe and fun weekend.

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Watermelon with buckle up carved in the skin


Hamburger with "Buckle Up" written in ketchup

Hot dog with buckle up written in mustard

Corn with buckle up written in butter and a seat belt shape made of butter

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