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Weekly Fatality Information

As you look at this weekly traffic fatality information, remember these aren't just numbers. They're deaths, leaving emotional scars on many people, including the victim's family and friends, others involved in the crash, and every trooper, emergency medical and incident management person who responded to the scene. Every crash death has a huge impact on our society. Colonel Michael Rapich

Infographic with details about traffic fatalities handled by UHP to date. As of 12/24/2018 there have been a total of 236 fatal crashes resulting in 260 deaths, statewide. UHP has had a total of 110 fatal crashes resulting in 128 deaths.   In 2017 there were 243 fatal crashes, resulting in 269 deaths. UHP had a total of 104 fatal crashes resulting in 118 deaths.

Get additional information about Utah’s year-to-date fatalities here.

Utah Crash Data and Statistics

What Were The Top 5 Leading Causes of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Deaths in Utah from 2012-2016?
Rank     Cause                                    Deaths     % of all deaths
1.            Speed                                    497           40%
2.           Unrestrained Occupants   377           30%
3.           Drunk Driver                       158           13%
4.           Fail to Yield                          154           12%
5.           Distracted Driver                108             9%

2017 Fatal Crash Summary


You can find additional crash and fatal crash information on the Highway Safety Office’s Crash Data and Statistics page.

Traffic Fatalities in Utah Have Increased Over the Last Few Years

 Graph shows fluctuation in traffic fatalities in Utah.

This Doesn’t Have to Happen

94% of crashes are due to human error

Many of the deaths on Utah’s roadways are preventable.

Decisions like not buckling up, speeding, drinking and driving or driving distracted have very serious and often deadly consequences.

Driving Tips to Help You Get Home Safely

We’ll be doing our part to keep everyone safe, here’s what you can do to keep yourself and your family safe on the road.

Buckle up - every trip, every time, everyone

Seat belts save lives. Make sure everyone in your vehicle buckles up. Get more information about Utah’s seat belt and car seat laws here.

Don't exceed the speed limit - picture of cars driving south on the 15 in southern Utah

Speed is a leading contributing factor for fatal crashes. The speed limit is for ideal conditions – great visibility, dry roads. Adjust your speed for conditions if you encounter any kind of inclement weather. This is one of our primary enforcement focus areas.

Drive sober - police lights in mirror

If you’ll be drinking, make plans for a safe and sober ride home. Call a cab, ride share, sober friend or family member – never drink and drive. Every instance of impaired driving is 100% preventable. And if you see a drunk driver, call 911.

Never drive drowsy.

Make sure you’re well rested and if you’re traveling long distances, schedule breaks or switch drivers. Get info on the warning signs of drowsy driving here. If you’ve traveling overnight, make sure everyone in the vehicle stays buckled up, even if they go to sleep.

Never drive distracted

When you’re driving, focus on driving. Whether it’s cell phones, food or passengers, avoid distractions of any kind and keep your focus on the road.

Look twice for motorcycles - picture of riders by Hill AFB museum.

The nice weather means our two-wheeled friends will be out on the roads with us. Be sure to look twice for them, especially when you’re turning at intersections and into/out of driveways or parking lots. And if you’re riding, check out Sgt. Lucas’ spring motorcycle riding tips and never ride above your skill level.