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Safe and Sober Squad

In October 1994, the Utah Highway Patrol implemented a Safe and Sober Squad, patterned after the “ASAP” crews of the 1970s. Seven experienced troopers from various counties worked as a roving patrol to locate and apprehend drivers impaired by alcohol and drugs. The Patrol received funding for the Safe and Sober Squad through a federal grant. This federal funding allowed for immediate replacement for vacancies. The Safe and Sober Squad was implemented at the kickoff of the nationwide “Safe & Sober” traffic safety campaign. “Safe & Sober” goals are to reduce alcohol-related fatalities and to increase safety belt use to 75 percent.

During the first six weeks of operation, the Safe and Sober Squad made 147 driving under the influence (DUI) arrests, with an average blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.13 percent. Following one year of operation, the Safe and Sober Squad stopped 10,292 vehicles, made 1,175 DUI arrests, with an average BAC of 14.5 percent. In addition, 98 felony arrests were made, 10 stolen vehicles were recovered, and 195 warrants were served with a total dollar amount of $176,562. The first Safe and Sober Squad consisted of Sergeant Paul Webb, Troopers Chris Williams, Kelly Roberts, Derek Odney, Brad Horne, Jamie Allred, and Mike Rapich.