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M-14 Rifle

Although the Patrol enacted a rifle policy in 1990, all rifles and ammunition had to be purchased by the individual trooper. In the fall of 1995, the UHP purchased 250 M-14 military surplus rifles. This .308 caliber, semi-automatic, gas powered rifle was a welcome addition to the Patrol’s arsenal. The rifles were issued to field troopers and sergeants from October to December 1995 during a two day rifle and marksmanship course.

M14 rifle

Training consisted of the history of the NATO round (7.62X51), history of the M-14 rifle, nomenclature, general maintenance, safety rules, deadly force, escalation of force, proper sighting, proper shooting positions, proper shooting techniques, police combat techniques, and a qualification course. During this training each student fired approximately 130 rounds at distances from 25 yards to 300 yards. The qualification course consisted of 30 rounds fired from 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, and 200 yards. Shooting positions included standing from low ready, standing from field ready, standing to kneeling, sitting, and prone. The maximum score possible for the qualification course was 150 points with 80 percent (120) required to pass. With the addition of the M-14 rifle, the Patrol now has a weapon with an effective range of more than 200 yards.