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New Policy and Laws

Following a two year study, the Patrol adopted an abandoned vehicle policy in November 1984. Abandoned vehicles left parked on the paved portion of any freeway or major highway are towed within two hours. Vehicles abandoned adjacent to any freeway or major highway with all four tires off the paved portions, which do not constitute a hazard, are towed in 24 hours. The above mentioned study revealed 267 accidents involving vehicles parked in the emergency lane of freeways in Utah. In those accidents 29 people were killed, and another 87 people were injured.

The 1985 legislature passed the first child restraint law. The Patrol called this new statute, “a law of love.” This new law allowed the courts to dismiss the $20 fine upon proof of purchase of a child car seat. In 1986, the first seat belt law was passed in Utah. Some people argued that the state was interfering in their lives and taking away their right to choose. This argument has been offered with the implementation of many new laws. Remember the stop sign law implemented in 1926!