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Colonel Mike Chabries

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Chabries was appointed Colonel of the Utah Highway Patrol effective May 1, 1987. Colonel Chabries continued to place strong emphasis on drug interdiction, alcohol enforcement, police traffic services, and commercial vehicle safety programs.

During his administration, Colonel Chabries reorganized the top administration of the Patrol to eliminated two major and three captain positions. Following this reorganization, the top administration of the Patrol consisted of one colonel, one lieutenant colonel, and four captains. One captain was assigned to the Special Services Bureau, one was over the Commercial Vehicle Bureau, and two were over the Field Bureaus.

Colonel Chabries implemented programs in which results could be measured. Perhaps the most innovative program was the “Arrive Alive” program. Colonel Chabries was also noted as an excellent budgeter and a dedicated manager. He only served in the capacity of Superintendent for a little over one year. Colonel Chabries was then appointed Chief of Police of Salt Lake City, effective July 13, 1988. In 1993, Chabries was appointed Colonel of the Minnesota State Patrol.