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June 2021

June 28, 2021

Sgt. Carlson, Davis County

“I wanted to share my gratitude to Sgt. Roy Carlson for his professional and kind service he rendered to my daughter. She was in Davis county going towards Hill AFB through the construction when she collided with a large trailer hitch that ended up in the highway. Her wheel was cracked but she was able to pull off the road. She was scared to get out of the car when Sgt. Carlson arrived and helped her calm down and told her how sorry about what had happened to her. He then called incident management to get her tire changed. I know all of that is his job but the way he carried it out and the compassion was above what he was required to do. I arrived to drive her home and thanked Sgt. Carlson and was impressed with his humility. As a dad I was very grateful for his service. And I am also grateful that there are officers like him out there.” – D. Smith

June 23, 2021

Trooper Tew, Salt Lake County

“I want to send a note of praise for Trooper Geri Tew. Back in March, she kindly responded to an accident I was involved in on I-15. She handled the situation with expertise, calm, professionalism, and kindness. I was traveling with my family and was hit by another car. Thankfully everyone was safe, but that kind of experience can be jarring for anyone, especially young children. Trooper Tew helped calm our children and was extremely professional in the way she managed things. Her kindness has stuck in our minds and I want to make sure this department realizes the terrific level of officer they have.” – M. Martineau

June 22, 2021

Trooper Tew, Salt Lake County

“I would like to compliment Trooper Geri Tew, badge 514, for exceptional public service. My son hit a deer early morning 6/20/21. Her kindness and assistance to 2 scared young men was greatly appreciated. Thank you Trooper Tew, for your professionalism and empathy in a scary situation!” L. Livnat

June 19, 2021

Trooper Gerrard, Weber County

“I wanted to give a big thank you to Trooper Zachary Gerrard for your public service and a great interaction during a traffic stop on 06/19/2021. Your love for your job and highway safety and professional presence is greatly appreciated in a time when some states in our country are anti law enforcement. I truly appreciated your interaction and hope that most law abiding citizens would feel the same by the majority of the Officers serving in the Utah Highway Patrol!” M. Gamble

June 22, 2021

Trooper Olsen, Davis County

“Hello, First of all thank you to every trooper in Utah. However can this message please reach Sgt. Rick Schroeder. Sgt hello I hope your doing well, It is my belief Trooper Olsen is one of your guys. I would like to thank him for handling my motorcycle accident on June 6th he was very good, polite, understanding, and professional. He called my wife and was very good in making her calm, and was just overall good at his job. Being on this side of things this time it is very surreal. it is different! I know though today there is not enough thank you’s or Atta boys. Trooper Olsen deserves one. Please contact me if more is needed but he needs recognition. I will fill out any form needed to push this up. I know he is liked by the different city officers and agencies as well. Again thank you so much for all you do. Sincerely, Your friend &advocate.” – S. Stephens-Applonie

June 15, 2021

Trooper Bradford, Utah County

“Last Thursday we had a break down on Hwy 6, MM 184. Trooper Bradford came to our rescue and made sure we had a tow truck within minutes. That may not seem like much but after waiting several hours for our roadside assistance to provide a tow his help was more than welcome. He was so kind to this anxious lady who was pretty much at her wits end – long wait, no cell service and general frustration. Please tell Trooper Bradford thank you for us.” – L. Draper

June 9, 2021

Captain Garcia, Salt Lake County

“Not a concern or a complaint, I would just like to find a way to thank Captain Garcia. A part came loose on the bottom of my car and was dragging, causing me to have to drive extremely slow. He first tried to help me quickly fix the problem to get the rest of the way home, and when that didn’t work, he made sure I made it safely home following me. I didn’t get a chance to thank him for all of his concern and help. I just want him to know that his effort was greatly appreciated, especially when I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed about the situation. Thank you, Captain Garcia!” – D. Castro

June 6, 2021

Trooper Penman, Iron County

“On Sunday afternoon, June 6th, my wife and I were driving from Beaver, Utah to -Ely, Nevada, when my pickup truck towing our thirty-two foot 5th wheel decided to breakdown on Utah 21 at milepost 45 just east of the summit. I was lucky enough to baby it to the top of the hill and a dirt pullout out of the traffic lane. We attempted to contact Good Sam Club road assistance with:little,suq:ess.j At one point a young couple driving by stopped to ask if they could help, they were headed east toward Milford. I asked them to call the authorities if they didn’t see any units headed our way, which they did. About an hour later, Trooper Andrew, Penman pulled up behind us. We explained our situation and what we were trying to achieve with the GSC. Since we were in a ‘cell phone challenged area’, the GSC representatives were having a difficult time locating us and understanding our heeds.
Trooper Penman offered to assist in getting a tow truck out of Beaver to get my wife, 5th wheel trailer and pickup back to Beaver and my pickup to a diesel shop. Long story short, the Good Sam Club was not able to provide any assistance to us, with Trooper Penman’s assistance, he was able to get a tow truck with mechanic out of Beaver and we were finally able to get to the Beaver KOA about 11:00 p.m. that night.

During all this, Trooper Penman was a true professional, polite, and caring. We offered to him that he could leave us there to work this out on our own. He maintained that he would not ‘just leave us out there alone in the middle of nowhere’. I have worked with law enforcem.ent officers indirectly for my entire life, I have never seen one that was as caring as Trooper Penman. He is an excellent representative for the Utah Highway Patrol.” – D. and V. Vanderpool

June 2, 2021

Sgt. McCoy

“I ran out of gas on the freeway today and Sgt. McCoy pulled in behind me within 3 minutes responding to my flashers. He was so kind, helpful and friendly! He called the UDOT Incident Management Team and they responded in less than 5 minutes!!! I was blown away at their swift response! Many thanks to Sgt. McCoy and Colby at UDOT. In the current negative environment that our law enforcement officers are being disrespected and criticized, I wanted to let anyone who will listen know that we are fortunate to have dedicated officers. Thank you for your help and for your service!” – B. Turner