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Thanksgiving Enforcement Plan

Photo of UHP Charger at the brake check at the mouth of Sardine Canyon

Results from Weekend Enforcement

Results from UHP's Thanksgiving weekend enforcement - 5 traffic deaths, 5752 vehicles stopped, 3748 speeding contacts, 870 seat belt contacts, 50 DUI and 173 crashes

High Travel Weekend

Planning on hitting the road for the Thanksgiving weekend?

You won’t be alone.

Our friends at UDOT are anticipating a 25 percent increase in cars on the road Wednesday evening, compared to a typical weekday commute of about 200,000 cars per day.

200+ Shifts – One Goal: Zero Fatalities

We’ll be hitting the road, too.

In addition to our regular patrols, troopers will be working over 200 extra shifts.

All those shifts have one goal: to help everyone get home safely.

UHP troopers will work Over 200 extra shifts focused on seat belts, speeding, distracted driving, drowsy driving, and impaired driving

Help Us Achieve Our Goal

You can help us achieve our goal of Zero Fatalities.

Make safe driving this weekend (and always) a priority.

Here are some safe driving tips, along with some videos that help emphasize the importance of safe driving.

 Buckle Up – Every Trip, Every Time

Seat belts save lives.

Whether you’re heading across the state or just a couple of streets away, make sure you and everyone in your vehicle buckles up.

If it’s a long drive or an overnight one and passengers want to sleep, make sure they keep their seat belts properly on.

It might not be a super comfortable way to sleep, but it can save your life if something goes wrong and there’s a crash.

The video below is a great reminder of how important it is to always buckle up.

Drive Sober

Great food, family, friends, football – there are a lot of reasons to celebrate this weekend.

If your weekend plans include consuming alcohol, make sure they also include a safe and sober ride home.

Our troopers will be out looking for, detecting and removing impaired drivers from our roads.

Get a taxi, an Uber, a Lyft – if you’ve been drinking, don’t drive.

Drive sober or get pulled over

Don’t Speed

Speeding is the leading unsafe driving behavior that leads to deaths and is one of the leading factors contributing to traffic crashes.

Speeding endangers not only the life of the speeder and his/her passengers, but all of the people on the road around them.


Don't exceed the speed limit - picture of cars driving south on the 15 in southern Utah

Drive Alert

Whether it’s the turkey or just a long distance drive, if you start to get sleepy behind the wheel, it’s time to switch drivers or take a break.

This video shares a story about the tragic consequences of drowsy driving when some BYU students were traveling for Thanksgiving

Phones Down

Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can have tragic consequences.

Leave the navigation, phone calls and texts to a passenger.

Keep your focus on the road.

This short dash cam video from a distracted driving crash 2 years ago shows how quickly a crash can happen.

Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

We’ll be out there on the road shoulder assisting motorists.

So will other first responders and tow truck drivers.

Help give us the space we need to safely do our jobs – slow down and move over a lane.

Move over for emergency vehicles

Look Twice for Motorcycles and Ride to Live

Yes, it’s the end of November.

But the forecast is for relatively warm and dry weather.

Some of our two-wheeled friends might still be hitting the road.

So be sure to look twice for motorcycles, especially when you’re turning at intersections or into/out of driveways.

If you’ll be riding, be sure to check out Sgt. Lucas’ Fall Riding Tips video.

A motorcycle rider in Big Cottonwood Canyon

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