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Trooper Eric Ellsworth – How to donate


Donors have three options, each requires account number and account name:

  • Account # 9089962
  • Account Name: Ellsworth
  • Anyone may visit an America First Credit Union branch location to make a donation.
  • If you are Members of the AFCU you may:
    • Transfer the funds using Online Banking or Speech Access.
      • If you are using the Online Banking Application you will need the following information.
        • Account # 9089962
        • Account Name: Ellsworth
        • Account Type: Shared Savings
    • Call 1(800) 999‐3961 and have the Member Service Contact Center transfer the funds.
  • If donors are not members of the credit union, they may:
    • Call 1(800) 999‐3961 and pay with a credit card or a one‐time ACH transfer through the Member Service Contact Center.
      • This option incurs a convenience fee.
    • They can use their own financial institution’s bill paying feature to transfer funds.
      • This may require additional information including:
      • Routing number for AFCU: 324377516
      • Address: PO Box 9199, Ogden, UT, 84409.
      • They may send a physical check referencing the account number and account name to America First Credit Union, PO Box 9199, Ogden, UT 84409

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